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Free Lightroom Preset for Long Exposure Photography

I have been asked a number of times about the processing of my X-Pro1 long exposure photographs so I have decided to package a free Lightroom preset that can act as a starting point for your long exposure processing.

I have created a number of these presets that I have used on posts such as : Ballintoy Harbour and The Shore. If you use your X-Pro1 for long exposure photography you may also be interested in my guide to capturing long exposure images on the X-Pro1 and my perfect X-Pro1 travel kit.

The trick with this free lightroom preset is that the top and bottom of the image feature increased ‘clarity’ with the central area has the ‘clarity’ reduced. This has the benefit of really smoothing the water on the centre of the image whilst keeping the detail in the foreground and sky.

This Lightroom Preset should be used as a starting point. The image at the top of this post was processed with the preset but I decided to reduce the saturation to deepen the blues. The example below shows the default blue levels without adjustment.

Original Image (SOOC)

You can see there is still some texture on the surface of the water.

Free Lightroom Preset

Image Processed with the FlixelPix Ethereal Preset

The water now looks a little less textured yet the sky and foreground detail is retained. The preset gives a moonlit ethereal feel which you can adjust by changing the saturation and blacks sliders.

Increasing the ‘exposure level’ will also enhance the surreal ethereal effect.

Free Lightroom 4 Preset : Download

You can download the free lightroom 4 presets here. Please feel free to link to this page but please do not distribute or direct link to the download file.

If you are new to the pages of FlixelPix and the FREE Lightroom presets you can take the pain out of downloading each individual Lightroom file by buying the complete bundle of Lightroom Presets.

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This preset is optimised for Lightroom 4 and use with RAW image files.  You may also be interested in my X-Pro1 Mono Preset.

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