How to take Long Exposure Photos using the X-Pro1

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I have received a number of emails from people who are surprised that I am using the X-Pro1 for long exposure photography and asking for tips on getting started with this sort of photographic process.

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David is a documentary and landscape photographer covering everything from dramatic long exposure landscape photography through to live music. David is a former Official Fujifilm X Photographer.


  1. Nice article and great pics. I’ve tried a few long exposures out on my Fuji X-Pro1, and when you have “Long Exposure NR” on it can take a crazy amount of time for the camera to process the images. I took a 15 minute exposure, and it took the camera 15 minutes to process it, during which time no additional photos were able to be taken. I now shoot with Long Exposure NR off.

  2. Mike, the same happens on my 5D with NR on. I think the camera retakes the photo and makes comparisons? NR reduction will take the same amount of time as the exposure in my experience with any camera but it can be worth it especially if you taking 15min photos.

  3. I love photos of moving water. These are stunning. I’m new at serious photography and am so glad to find sites that show great work and include instructions.

  4. It’s interesting you say that David. I’m keen to do a few tests with long exposures and see how much difference having NR on actually makes. If it does make a lot of difference I’m sure I can continue to use it. In the mean time I might have to buy myself a ND filter.

  5. This is awesome 🙂 Thank You.
    Just try’d to do it in office with the X100 innbuild ND filter, I got 4 seconds at F11 ISO200 natural light 🙂
    Will definately experiment with this more.

  6. Bloody brilliant shots!!!! Being new to photography, I am still new to all these different types of camera… need to read a lot about these 🙂

  7. Hi,


    How does one take a 15 min exposure with an xpro1? I bought myself a mechanical remote shutter release, screwed it into the shutter release socket…changed the setting to “B” for bulb but it defaults to showing 30s…and no matter what i do, the exposure completes 30s after i click the remote shutter release (even when I’ve locked it in place). Hoping someone can talk me through how they did it, in case I’m doing something silly!


  8. @Sanj, That sounds more like T mode that B mode. I can definitely do more than 30 seconds. On B mode it starts at 0 at counts up.

  9. @David, Thanks for your reply. I had a quick look through the user guide….turns out I’d mistakenly put aperture on “A”, which defaults bulb mode to 30s…any other aperture setting and the remote shutter release works a treat! Time for me to head out and take some night shots! 🙂

  10. Great Article David, gonna get the nd filter and Ty it on my x100
    @Sanj: let us know how the night pics came out

  11. I’ve been interested in this technigue for a while, and am now inspired to buy the filter !

    Your link points to a product which seems to suggest a filter giving a 10 stop reduction – which seems about right to me – but my understanding is that an ND10 filter will give between a 3 and 4 stop reduction (see

    Can I just clarify exactly what you recommend ?

    Cheers Tim

  12. Tim, did I say it was 10 stop? It is the best all round filter as it means even in the height of sun you can still capture long exposure images.

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