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A Photographic Review of 2016

A look back at 2016 and the various trips through the Mourne mountains or to the very top of Mont Blanc. It has been a great year for outdoor photography and here are just some of the highlights.

FlixelPix the mournes

Every December I take a look back over the previous 12 months and document the various photographic highlights according to my data provided via my flickr account. I use a great little application called SuprSetr to manage my albums one of which displays the most popular (according to flickr) images for 2016. Please note this obviously only covers the images I upload to flickr.

2016 has been an unusual year with many of the photos captured not making it to either flickr or the pages of FlixelPix. Those images that managed to make their way on to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook all, on the whole documented various trips into the Mourne Mountains throughout the year.

Interestingly the most popular photo of 2016 has been published the longest (read into that what you may) and was captured at about 8am on New Year’s Day 2016 as we made our way back down from the top of Slieve Donard. This hike has been an annual tradition for quite a few years and it is amazing to meet the same people on the mountain before the sun rises.

Donard with the X100T

In 2016 the uber talented Michael Mormecha released his first solo album lOFi LiFE. I grabbed some portraits and somewhere bizarre action shots involving red poster paint for the launch publicity. You can see the full set here: Michael Mormecha LOFi LiFE.

Michael Mormecha

February saw the arrival of snow on the Mournes that returned in waves all the way through to Easter. It was great to get up and enjoy the upper Mournes in heavy snow with the younger members of the family.

The Trip up Bearnagh

The next image features a walk from Trassy track to Hare’s Gap and on through to the top of Donard. This hike brought a slightly different view of Slieve Bearnagh with its snow covered peaks.


The next photo on Flickr’s popular list sees a return to the annual trip to the top of Donard. There was literally about twenty minutes of visibility but the views were stunning.

The view from Donard.

A day out to the old boat club jetty (just outside Belfast) brought an opportunity for some long exposure photography with the Fujifilm X-Pro2.

The Jetty

One of the most disastrous hikes in the Mournes saw a trip to Hen Mountain that included following the loop up to Rocky Mountain. There was very little in the way of a path and the grass was long and thick but the views were well worth the struggle.


Hen Mountain

The next photo was captured on a family walk around Castlewellan lake that offered the opportunity to capture the view of the Mournes from the famous Peace Maze.

Castlewellan Peace Maze

There were a large number of trips around the Binnian Loop but only one actually offered a clear view at the very top. The Slieve Binnian hike is one of my favourites in the Mournes so it is no surprise that photos from this route feature frequently in the top twenty.

Slieve Binnian

The next photo stands out as being very different from all the rest, there are no mountains and there is a wealth of colour. Wolf Alice have to be one of my favourite bands and it was a great privilege to document their appearance at the Mandela Hall in Belfast.

Wolf Alice, Belfast

Another photograph from climbing Slieve Donard on New Year’s Day. It’s hard to know if these images reach the top twenty for their quality or for their longevity on flickr.

New Year's Day on Donard

This year we spent the summer in the French town of La Clusaz, A ski resort that is exceptionally quiet off season (which is great). It was perfect, a trip to the top of Mont Blanc and celebrating France’s success in the World Cup with the locals were just two of the highlights.

La Clusaz

The next image documents the Mourne wall routing its way across the mountains as we made our way to the top of Slieve Bearnagh.

The Mourne Wall

The next two images were captured on the same day, it was a dark cloudy day and we routed our way around the mountains more through navigation techniques than visibility.

Slieve Binnian

As we made our day back down toward Ben Crom the clouds broke and were treated to one of the most dramatic views on the mournes I have experienced. You can read the full post here : Slieve Binnian Loop.

Slieve Binnian

2016 was a great year for the mountains but there is still a few gigabytes of 2016 photos that have yet to see the light of day. I suspect 2017 will see even more adventures and some trips well beyond the summits of the Mourne Mountains.


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