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This summer I had the opportunity to help a former film student out by capturing some stills on the set of his first Northern Ireland based film. Jack Walsh, who is studying at the New York Film Academy is currently home to direct the short film entitled : Grace.

Jack wrote, directed and scored his first short film, ‘Cannon Fodder‘ as part of his A-level in Moving Image Arts. The quality of this film production earned Jack a place in the prestigious New York Film Academy’s hands-on filmmaking program. He is currently studying at their Los Angeles campus for a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Filmmaking.

Jack Walsh

His latest film, ‘Grace’ shot over one week in a range of locations, including the County Down hills around the Mournes and Castlewellan castle managed to coincide with the worst week of rain we’ve seen in quite some time. The images in this post were captured on the first day of production during waves of torrential rain.


Set in troubled 1979 Northern Ireland, an introverted Catholic boy attends a local cross-community weekend and falls for an outgoing Protestant girl, transcending the discriminative boundaries imposed by an older generation, unwilling to change.

Film - Grace

The production team, included an array of well known film professionals as well as Jack’s brothers, sister and parents who all had a part to play in production. The family support isn’t anything new given both of Jack’s parents appear in ‘Cannon Fodder’.

Jack Walsh, MIA

Given the weather conditions I ended up packing two weather sealed cameras and even with the weather protection the deluge of rain made shooting particularly difficult. Wet weather gear, waterproof boots and a bag for over the cameras made for a challenging yet still enjoyable photographic experience.


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The knowledge that a camera and lens are weather sealed isn’t enough for me to be care free in such wet conditions. In reality shooting in the rain creates the challenge of keeping the front of the lens rain free, which in Northern Ireland just isn’t easy.

‘Grace’ has now moved to postproduction and should be released before Christmas.




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