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Over the last few months I have received a number of emails asking what camera bag I use with the Fujifilm X-Pro1 and also what equipment I include in my travel photography kit bag. I thought I would create a simple list of what I include in my travel photography kit regardless of the size of the trip.


Obviously I travel with the Fujifilm X-Pro1 camera and I carry with me the Fujinon 35mm and Fujinon 18mm lenses. In addition I also bring along the trusty Fujifilm X100.

The X100/X100S,X100T is slightly smaller so tends to be carried around literally everywhere and it is perfect for those times when you are not photography focused but want quality photos if the opportunity arises.

I have an Artisan and Artists strap on the X-Pro1 so that I can place the camera on my tripod easily. This strap is longer than the one that came with the camera so you can carry the camera in almost messenger bag fashion.

On the X100 I used a brilliant Black Rapid SnapR 35 strap (I ditched the bag) which screws into the tripod socket.
Within minutes of this post going live a few readers have been asking why the WCL-X100 is not included on the list. Although I loved it – see WCL-X100 review I only had the lens on loan. If are an X100 owner and want to expand the functionality of the X100 for travel work then I highly recommend you consider the WCL-X100.

Camera Bag

I have always used Thinktank bags, I’ve had the Retrospective 20 for a few years and love it. For the X-Pro1 I use the brilliant Retrospective 5. The bag comes with 3 divided sections ideal for the X-Pro1, X100 and a 2nd lens.

There are a number of additional pockets for straps and filters as well as a handy waterproof cover.


For travelling light I always take my brilliant little Vanguard Nivelo it really is ultra light and very ultra affordable. The tripod comes in a little cover that easily fits horizontally under the flap of my bag. There is a photo of it in use here.


I carry a quite a few accessories with me. As well as a lens cleaning cloth I have two ND filters. Thankfully the filter thread on both the Fujinon 18mm and 35mm lenses is the same so I pack a single B+W ND10 filter for the X-Pro1. For the X100 I use a low cost Hama variable ND filter that works well but it isn’t a total stopper.

I also pack a Hamma cable release for long exposures over 30 seconds. I did try a cheap £5 release in the past but found it very unreliable disconnecting from the camera or disengaging far too readily.

I also pack a couple of soft release buttons, many argue these are vanity decoration but I do think they make the button easier to use. I picked these ones up on eBay for less than £5. Finally, one essential addition to any travel photography kit is a spare battery or two.

I have no doubt I will tweak the contents of this bag from time to time, perhaps your travel kit is completely different?


David is a documentary and landscape photographer covering everything from dramatic long exposure landscape photography through to live music. David is a former Official Fujifilm X Photographer.


  1. Hi,

    I just wondered if you have come across any wireless shutter release options that would work with the Fuji X-Pro 1?

    Love the wet, moody street shot by the way.


  2. Not for me, although bizarrely when I think about it I am generally on my knees for landscape work and rarely extend any tripod to its full height.

  3. Hi David,

    Would you recommend the Gorillapod slrzoom for the X-Pro1 travel package? It’s interesting to see that you are using the centre pinched caps as I find them to be a little bit tricky to take out if you are using the lens hood. I tend to use the rubber lens cover provided.

    Also do you use any flash on your X-Pro1. I bought the EF20 but never used it so far 🙁

  4. I think it would work well but I haven’t tried one. Also I don’t use any lens cap but use the lens hood and an UV filter, like you I use the rubber lens hood caps rather than the pinch caps. I don’t use flash with the X-Pro1 but have ordered a flash trigger to use with a Canon flash and I will be sure to document my progress.

  5. Hi David,

    As a Fuji FinePix X100 owner I follow your blog for a long time and now finally, after seeing all the beautiful photos, jumped the shark and also bought a FUJIFILM X-Pro1 + Fujinon XF 35mm F1.4 R.

  6. @edwin, enjoy it. It is a great setup and even after months of use I am still getting to know it and unlocking more. New firmware out on 18th is also very exciting.

  7. Hi David,

    I’ve just discovered your Blog and really enjoying it. I’m a Fuji X100 user and about to jump onto the X-Pro1 train.

    Anyway, your photo at the top of this entry… is it taken in Paris? It looks just like a street in Paris I was in last May, happily shooting away with my X100….


  8. I david, i bought a week ago the X-pro 1 … i love it! nevertheless would you give me your reference for the Hama Shutter Release? is the 5323?

    I also bought your e-book … very nice … and the presets for lightroom 5 stars!

    thanks a lot.


    Mário Rosado

  9. Which UV filter do you use? I don’t want to miss out on the sharpness so I have been using the lens cap and no filter….

  10. You are right, I haven’t used a UV filter in sometime for the same reason. I used to put a UV filter on to protect the lens but I am not sure it is really worth it.

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