Understanding Depth of Field

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The FlixelPix photography ebooks have been designed to help you develop and improve your photography technique. From the basics of understanding composition right through to creating dramatic long exposure landscapes these photography ebooks will help refine your skills and develop your photography.

We currently have two ebooks available : The Long Exposure ebook, a complete guide to capturing long exposure photography and The Shooting Shallow ebook, a complete guide to depth of field in photography. See the bottom of this page for a special eBook Bundle Offer.

The Long Exposure eBook

The Long Exposure eBook

Long exposure photography is about capturing space and silence, like visually holding your breath; it is about capturing the beauty and calmness of a scene.

The aim of this e-book is to offer a complete guide to the process of capturing long exposure photographs. It documents the simple steps I employ each time I embark on a long exposure photo shoot.

The eBook covers everything from the equipment you will need right through to post- production processing in Adobe’s brilliant Lightroom.

This guide has been written with the beginner to the long exposure process in mind; however, the enthusiast and professional alike may find something of relevance also.

Sample Pages : The Long Exposure eBook

the long exposure ebook

This book should be downloaded to a computer before moving to a tablet or mobile device. Full eBook Description: The Long Exposure eBook Instant Download : Order now via secure server.

Shooting Shallow

Shooting Shallow eBook

‘Understanding Depth of Field’
‘Shooting Shallow’ is a guide to understanding the concept of depth of field. The ebook is a 38 page guide to understanding the application of a shallow Depth of Field.

The aim of the guide is to equip photographers with the skills to maximize their ability to create bokeh rich images but at the same time ensure your subject is as sharp as possible.

Mastering the ability to control the out of focus areas, and create attractive bokeh, puts you in control of your image, and such techniques offer the opportunity for plenty of creative photography.

Understanding Depth of FieldBokeh

The book covers : the theory of depth-of-field, ‘Know your equipment : the camera & lens considerations‘ and also ‘the practical application’ of shooting with a shallow depth of field. For a detailed look at ‘Shooting Shallow’ check the ‘Shooting Shallow‘ page. Full eBook Description:Shooting Shallow Instant Download : Order now via secure server.