53 Essential RSS Feeds for Photographers

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Recently I wrote a post entitled “My photography would be so much better if I had…“. As part of the post I mentioned that I had edited my RSS Reader ‘Photography’ folder to focus on photographers and the craft of photography.

I have had around a dozen requests to share the RSS feeds in the list I and I do so reluctantly, reluctantly as I know there are probably great photographers who I follow on Facebook or Twitter that are not in the RSS list.

There are also a number of photographers who I follow who run sites that don’t offer RSS subscriptions. If are thinking of starting your own photography website or blog check this post on how to get started with WordPress.

If this is the case I apologise in advance. Rather than just share a list of RSS feeds that you would have to subscribe to manually I thought it would be easier to share the XML file that you can simply import using your favourite reader.

Download the OPML file (.zip) Unzip the file (if it doesn’t unzip automatically). Log into to Feedly, go to settings, then the import tab, then import file. If you don’t use Google Readers most reader applications support importing OPML files.

Included RSS Feeds

[one_half]Roger Overall
Chase Jarvis
Rick Nunn
Craig Ferguson
Flak Photo
Laith Al-Majali
Jim M Goldstein
Kevin Murphy
Kieran Frost
Kyle Tunney
Ramsey Cardy
James Ellis
Susannah Conway
Bebe McCarthy
Angelia South
Eric Kim
Scott Jarvie
Jorge Quniteros
I Heart Faces
Photography Served
[one_half_last]Moose Peterson
Robert Caplin
The Sartorialist
f8 Photography
Patrick Laroque
Invisible Photographer Asia
Thomas Hawk
Jeremy Cowart
A Photo Editor
Joe McNally
Brian Matiash
Drew Shannon
Trey Ratcliff
Andrew S Gibson
Hand Carry Only
Tomek Celarek
Zack Arias
Girl with a Camera
I Shoot Shows
Learn my Shot
Feature Shoot
Photography Blogger[/one_half_last]

I will keep the comments open for a few weeks so if you know of any good feeds that are not included please feel free to post them.

Please note these should be feeds of photographers sharing their craft and techniques. I will try and edit the list as best as I can as comments come in.




David is a documentary and landscape photographer covering everything from dramatic long exposure landscape photography through to live music. David is a former Official Fujifilm X Photographer.


  1. David, it would be nice if you will add links to the listed blogs, rather than same text 🙂 Personally, at first I check given site and then I decide to add it or not to RSS.

  2. Matrox, to be fair I started that but it was going to take hours of work. People were asking me to share the list that I follow and this was the most convenient.

  3. Ok.

    Well, I just realized how much I respect you and your photography. You’re so inspiring! How long are you (for seriously) in photography world?

  4. Definitely a fantastic list. I’m already following a couple of the photographers on that list, but for the rest, thanks for sharing!

    There’s a couple that I think would be worth mentioning as well, both Toronto-based photographers…

    Ren Bostelaar is a friend, colleague, and all-around great guy and photographer. He’s been uploading photos to his blog on a daily basis for some time, and is always involved in other relevant projects. He’s currently working with a graphic designer to provide full-res versions of his 100 most popular photos in a project called Just Hundred. His site is http://renbostelaar.tumblr.com/

    Sam Javanrouh is another Toronto photographer, and while I don’t know him personally, he’s well known for his daily photo blog, “Daily Dose of Imagery”, which he has been updating daily for just over 9 years. Definitely worth mention in this list. http://wvs.topleftpixel.com/


  5. This is a super list that I’ll import to Google Reader and review at my leisure. I wish more people shared things in this way. I’ve just listed a few people below who’s work and blogs are important to me. They aren’t in any particular order, except they’re all Equal First 🙂

    http://www.giannigalassi.com – Gianni Galassi, from Rome, shares his ministract photography and thoughts about micro four thirds camera/lenses (and the occasional DSLR). Gianni has become a friend over the last couple of years and is a wealth of knowledge, an excellent photographer and an all round good guy.

    fiftyfootshadows.net – John Carey – Great blog, written very sensitively. posts vary from being the story behind a screensaver he’s giving away, sometimes about kit and related technology (great post recently on Progress, http://fiftyfootshadows.net/2012/06/25/progress) and the issues of the day. He writes provocatively but not aggressively, and has a large current of modesty and humility flowing through his words. You can tell that I really like his blog 🙂

    http://www.david-campbell.org – David Campbell – I’m new to David’s blog but it’s rapidly become a must read (along with yours!). I’m not crawling because neither of you offer freebies. If you do, however, drop me a line and I’ll praise you even more 😉 LOL!!

    azurebumble.wordpress.com – Alan Wilson – Wonderful bite-size curations (6 or so pics) with a paragraph or two about the artist. A must 🙂

    wayneford.posterous.com – Wayne Ford – notes and thoughts on the photography he loves. An excellent and informative blog. Falls in to the category of Blogs I Know I Need and Want to Read More Often.

    jamortram.posterous.com – Jim Mortram – Arguably the most important site I’ve discovered this year, displaying the work and passion of one of the most sincere people you could ever hope to ‘meet’. Small Town Inertia is Jim’s documentary coverage of the often difficult lives and times of the small community in which he lives. Jim is an inspiring guy who cares enormously about a range of causes. Very worth following his work (on twitter too) and pressing that donate button on his website!

    Thanks again for sharing this.

  6. No problem David – I would not expect to be there. The list is great and I’ve imported it into my reader. Thanks again for the resource.

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