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Experiment : Which Lens works best?

FlixelPix Blog • 21 Comments

This is the probably the least scientific experiment in the history of experiments but I thought I would give it a go. Now, before you say...

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Mussenden Temple

Landscape Photography

Mussenden Temple and gardens are just part of the Downhill Demesne situated just outside Castlerock. The temple building dates back to 1785...

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My Photography would be so much better if I just had..

FlixelPix Blog • 44 Comments

I’ve made a fundamental mistake. I knew there was a risk of it happening but it crept up slowly and without notice. Slowly I’ve...

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Fallen in Between

Documentary, FlixelPix Blog, Video

The above image features a living pot by Hannah-Chloe Magee, the clay is infused with seeds that eventually take over the clay pot....

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