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Return of the X100 : Belfast & Tips

After a week not using my X100 I found myself compelled to consolidate my camera gear down to a limited number of options. The single aim of this cull of lenses was simply to re-equaint myself with the X100 compact camera.

I have already outlined my struggles with the X100 mainly that the battery level indicator can be a little misleading, the second the indicator suggests the battery isn’t full you really have to change the battery.

Negatives aside this is a great little camera and I have spent a a few days setting it up for optimum performance.

I am Back

1. Use the fastest SD card possible and format the card on the camera.

When I first put my SD card into the camera I thought there was something wrong. The boot up time was between 10-20 seconds, formatting the SD using the camera along with turning on the “fast boot” option makes the camera virtually instantly ready for use.

Belfast Building

2. Turn off image preview

I have sped the camera up by turning off the image preview option when a photo is taken. You can still view the photographs manually but turning off preview offers much faster shooting.

St George's Market Belfast

3. Use EVF at all times

I tend to be quite close to subjects but I am finding that the EVF (Electronic View Finder) offers greater reliability when using autofocus.

4. Use the auto ISO

The X100 really shines when it comes to image noise. Even at 3200 the noise is virtually nil. Be using auto ISO you can get the best quality image for your environment. I have read a few people criticise this mode but to date it has worked really well for my style of shooting.

I have a growing set of X100 photographs over in the flickr set. It is great to use a powerful little camera that doesn’t stand out like a lens based dSLR when out and about.

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