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Lightroom Preset : Vintage Autumn

Lightroom Presets for autumn

I have been processing a range of autumn photos for a project. The photos were captured at the very beginning of October when there was still plenty of green foliage rather than the reds and yellows associated with autumn.

A number of people have emailed me about the processing so I thought I would make the processing available in the form of a free Lightroom preset. You can view my other free lightroom presets here.

Free Lightroom Preset : FlixelPix Vintage Autumn

Free Lightroom Presets

Lightroom Preset : FlixelPix Vintage Autumn

As well and enhance the traditional colour of autumn I added a level of desaturation to create a vintage feel to the overall look of the image.

Post Process Tips

When you apply the preset the three sliders that you may want to adjust are ‘Exposure’,’Clarity’ ‘Saturation’. I tend to increase the clarity to bring out the detail and reduce the saturation to enhance the vintage feel. Some users may wish to add some vignette as a final touch. This preset was created in Adobe Lightroom 5.

Click here for the FlixelPix Lightroom Preset Bundle. 


Free Lightroom Presets
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