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The State of Creativity

The Northern Ireland economy like every other has been hit by the global recession yet despite the doom and gloom the creative industries continue to to flourish and grow.

Northern Ireland has become a haven for television and film making, ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Cherrybomb’, ‘City of Ember’, ‘Killing Bono‘ and even the new Keith Lemon film were all based and staffed in Belfast all thanks to the hard work of those at Northern Ireland Screen. Despite the recession even short films are still managing to find funding and success.

I worked on the great “Even Gods” film a few years ago that still picks up awards and who can forget Terry George’s brilliant ‘The Shore‘ filmed in my favourite photography location that this year won an Oscar.

The music industry is no different, Snow Patrol, Rams’ Pocket Radio, Duke Special, and Silhouette are just some of the artists enjoying international success thanks to the likes of the Oh Yeah Centre and the prioritisation of creativity.

Creativity is the reason why courses like Moving Image Arts are success a success in education. Creativity is its own fuel and the result is productivity and in turn profit. In many ways it is about thinking differently and taking the risk.

Just like the chap in the top image, thinking creatively meant he was able to walk down the high street receiving hugs from all the girls he approached. Creative success? he used what resources he had to maximise his situation. Young people today have remarkable technologies and software in their hands daily but are they maximising these technologies to the creative gains?

Today Adobe launched a piece of fantastic research into the state of Creativity in the UK. The State of Create report from Adobe reveals a creativity gap in UK businesses and society, with 51% revealing they are expected to think creatively whilst at work, but feeling there are barriers inhibiting their creativity, including:

  • Productivity vs. creativity: 80% feel there is an increasing pressure at work to be productive rather than creative
  • Playing it safe: 69% feel risk aversion stifles creativity and that ‘playing it safe’ is an easier route to go down
  • Lack of time: 46% feel they do not have enough time to create
  • The cost of creativity: 42% associate creativity with money and state that they cannot afford to be creative
  • Self-doubt: 31% feel they lack the confidence to be truly creative
You can click on the infographic to view large.

Cultivating creativity
The research shows that two-thirds (66%) of people in the UK feel that the younger generation are more creative than those over 35, suggesting it is important that their inherent creativity is given room to grow in formal education and early careers. However, 61% of respondents feel that creativity is ‘stifled’ by the current education system and that more needs to be done to foster it.

Creative tools are perceived as the biggest driver to increase creativity within schools, the workplace and society, with more than half (53%) of those surveyed agreeing that technology is the single most influential factor that inspires them to create as it gives them the tools they need to express their ideas.

Creativity can be the spine of every subject in the curriculum and it doesn’t take much creative thinking from educators to maximise the potential it offers. For Photography check out six simple applications of photography in education.

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