Autumn is my favourite season for photography. The golden hour falls perfectly and brings out the rich red gold tones of the autumn fall. Last year I developed a free preset that brings out the golden leaves and tones and offers a vintage feel, you can download it here: Free Lightroom Preset (Autumn).

When I was using the preset this year I felt there was some compromise on skin tones so I have developed a new lightroom preset that enhances the bokeh but retains the true skin colour (and eye colour) as much as possible.

free lightroom preset for autumn

As you can see in this image it is a subtle preset that focuses on the red hues of the image but retains the depth of the skin tones. I have been working on the preset for a few weeks with RAW images from the Fujifilm X-Trans sensor although I suspect it will be equally as useful on RAW files from other camera sensors. The image was captured on the Fujfilm X-E2 and the brilliant 56mm lens.

If you want to learn more about capturing bokeh rich, shallow depth of field photos then check out the ‘Shooting Shallow’ ebook.

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