The flickr changes

The Flickr changes, what do you think?

Flickr is one of the most prolific photography sharing websites around and criticism of the lack of investment and change over the last few years has resulted in a remarkable revamp of the service. The new user interface comes with 1TB of storage space and new, more expensive ad free option although current PRO members retain a reduced subscription model.

I have been a big fan of flickr since signing up. I love the fact you can organise your photos in photosets (see suprsetr) and take part in the topic or camera specific communities.

So what do you think? has flickr risen from the ashes to re-establish itself as the leading photo sharing website or is it too little too late? Have sharing services such as Instagram, 500px or Google+ replaced the need for a dedicated photography showcase?

Feel free to add your comments below. I will close the poll in a week and summarise the results. In the meantime you can add me on flickr here.


  1. opted for ‘will take some getting used to’
    my main concern is losing the stats! as a long time ‘pro’ member I’m feeling a wee bit cheated right now too

  2. I will stick with the superior 500px , its cleaner and prefer it in every way, I have never used Flickr, and after the yahoo s CEOs comments on professional photographers I wouldn’t use a yahoo product.

  3. I really like that Flickr (Yahoo) is stepping up, though I find the current layout a bit messy. They really need to change everything and make everything in line with eachother. Starting with the login fields, profile(really, ICQ, AIM, MSN, Yahoo messenger??), deleting multiple contacts, etcetera.

    I also have to get used to the mix of likes and contacts photos on the homepage. 500px’s flow looks definately better. I love about everything else.


  4. Slap in the face by yahoo. CEO Mayer stated: “There’s really no such thing as professional photographers anymore” when asked about the Pro accounts…oh really? I think there are a few breadwinners out there who may be quite offended by her remarks.

    Regarding the design…it looks dated…and the black box in which the image is presented looks hideous…it looks like it was thrown together by a design intern.

    Also, now you can pay $50 to have an ad free experience…seriously? I am cancelling my account this week and moving to 500px.

    Flickr is no longer for photographers.

  5. Overall, I think it’s a vast improvement. Certainly easier to navigate through photostreams. Still on the fence about image views – not sure if I like immediately going to black and all the image info getting lost at the bottom.

    500px is nice for browsing, and the quality of the site’s images is undeniable. I’m just of the belief that any kind of rating system encourages insincerity in the ‘spirit of competition.’ But that’s just me, and I can be odd about those things.

    Will be sticking by Flickr.

  6. The ‘redesign’ seems to be more about moving Flickr to a new market, away from people who value photography and images and toward people who just want easy and free online storage.

  7. The reaction to the changes would make for a wonderful study in social anthropology, highlighting as it does the glorious contradictions, irrationalities, frustrations, desires, expectations and reactions that make us the animal we are.

    Yes, there are elements of the change that displease me; there are parts I really like; and there are bits I’m still to figure out. But let’s wait and see before rushing to judgement.

    Re the Marissa Meyer quote, I do think she’s been misunderstood there – in part because she expressed herself badly and in part (perhaps the larger part) because yesterday people were content to misunderstand her – it fed their frustrations about the redesign. But she’s apologised on Twitter so let’s move on.

  8. Like the look of it more now, and images appear far better now than they did. Much slower though as a result, but nothing I can’t live with. For me the functionality that is still lacking is in the group mechanics, where I want a means of reviewing all comments made by group members on group images allowing for better critique discussions, perhaps “flag” codes that you put in your comments that make them group specific.

    Explore needs a major overhaul…can’t believe some of the mundane crap that gets in there over some far more imaginative and technically accomplished work. It should be somewhere for me to look to find new favourite photographers and images, but it just isn’t.

  9. I think that in general a refresh is a good thing, but my problem with what Yahoo has done is that they are trying too much to be like other sites. Flickr for its good and bad, offered something different, something a lot of people liked. OK, I agree some of it wasn’t great and was a little dated, so the upgrade to full page, high res image are a much improved, and removing a lot of waste white space was a good idea, but in my view they have gone to far with it. But, what Flickr had was that they were different.

    The home page is too busy and big for me but I might be able to get used to it, but the part that bugs me on the home page is the right hand side bar. I don’t know, it just isn’t helpful and adds too much noise to one page.

    I like the photostream page with the full page of tiled images, but it is not quite slick with the top header. I hate the top image and tool/info bar. It’s too chunky.

    The part I really dislike is the black background when viewing an image it’s horrible, off putting, amateurish and actually kills black and white images for me. B&W images can leak into it, yuck.

    They also have only seem to have changed parts of the site as others still have the look of the old format. For example, when you click on Groups from the home page, you just get the old listed format as before. I guess these might come to change later, or is it just a facial upgrade?

    They should have not tried to be 500px or some of the other competition. What is the point of trying to look, be like the competition, how are they going to win people back or away from them when they are offering something that isn’t as slick? They should have tried to be Flickr and come up with something new/better. If they had just taken a bit of the $1.1bn they have wasted on Tumblr and put it into some better designers……..then maybe, just maybe.

    In my view it is a fail. It has some good points and some hideous points. They have moved way to close the the competitions look and feel and offer very little to differentiate themselves from a busy market place.

  10. As a Pro member of Flickr for the last 3 years, I am disappointed with the changes. There is functionality missing or if it is still there they have done a very good job of hiding it, the photostream page is confusing and my photo views have dropped considerably since Monday suggesting other people do not like looking now either. What is so fustrating is that there are hundreds (if not thousands) of comments on their pages regarding these changes with seemingly no response from Flickr. Many people beleive they do not care – and they are doing nothing about disabusing them of that belief.

  11. The old flickr, although dated, had a well developed community of photographers. And the old layout was far from perfect but it offered a much cleaner look and the screen was not so busy. Now, this new look with black box and pictures crammed against each other is far from an improvement. If anything it looks like a pale copy of some competitive sites and a bad copy at it. The visuals alone are not the only turn-offs. I think that the deeper problem has to do with new pricing and ad policies. I posted my pictures on flickr in order to share with others. Now, someone has to pay to see my pics w/o adds? c’mon! I’m disappointed in Yahoo’s approach. Complete lack of consideration for long-time users. They could have at least try to ask us to evaluate new changes before they dumped them on everyone. I’m going to phase out of flickr and move to ipernity.

  12. The new design is too heavy on bandwidth. If you go to the home page then the photos just never stop loading. I do actually quite like the way the photostream is displayed but viewing an individual photo looks ugly – a weird combination of old and new styles. Overall it looks half-baked and it’s too slow. I’m investigating ipernity.

  13. I can’t believe how many respondents preferred the 12 year old layout and design. Flickr was losing users to and Google+. I hated how tiny the images were and the lack of a portfolio was baffling.

  14. The comments made by Paul C on May 22 are exactly those which I would have written about Flickr myself.

    I had 10 months subscription remaining on my Pro account and had 3811 photographs on Flickr but I chose to delete my account because I am so frustrated with Flickr’s lack of thought to subscribers.

    Flickr never seem to take on board constructive suggestions and with the latest changes things are slower, cumbersome and seem to lack any sense of clarity.

  15. New design; slower, cumbersome, complex. Result; as far as I can see less activity. And some of my contacts: especially interesting photographers, artists, with valuable sites showing collections, art, with serious tags, texts, are less or not showing new pics or even deleted their site. Some of them (also) went to Ipernity.

  16. new Flickr interface has killed the importance of vertical photo in the portfolio. Now they are tall as the shorter side of horizontal photo.

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