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The Flickr changes, what do you think?

The flickr changes

Flickr is one of the most prolific photography sharing websites around and criticism of the lack of investment and change over the last few years has resulted in a remarkable revamp of the service. The new user interface comes with 1TB of storage space and new, more expensive ad free option although current PRO members retain a reduced subscription model.

I have been a big fan of flickr since signing up. I love the fact you can organise your photos in photosets (see suprsetr) and take part in the topic or camera specific communities.

So what do you think? has flickr risen from the ashes to re-establish itself as the leading photo sharing website or is it too little too late? Have sharing services such as Instagram, 500px or Google+ replaced the need for a dedicated photography showcase?

Feel free to add your comments below. I will close the poll in a week and summarise the results. In the meantime you can add me on flickr here.

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