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Flickr Explore Update

I still don’t quite understand the process of flickr explore but every so often a new photo makes the collection for some unknown reason. I can go for weeks without an explore, images I think are great never quite make it and then suddenly a wave of success.

I thought I would share my most recent 35 flickr explore images ranked by their current popularity. Don’t take the rank particularly seriously as the images at the end of the post were only posted to flickr in the last few days so haven’t really had a chance.

I thought I would include the camera the photos were captured on. The majority of the Canon 5DMKII Photos making explore are with the 50mm f1.4 lens.

You can click on an image to visit directly on flickr. All photographs were taken in Northern Ireland.

X-Pro1 Long Exposure

Fujifilm X-Pro1 Long Exposure {Explore}

I have written a tutorial on how this long exposure was captured on the X-Pro1. : How to capture long exposures on the X-Pro1.

County Down Beach (X-Pro1)

County Down Beach (X-Pro1) {Explore}

Horizon (X-Pro1)

Horizon (X-Pro1) {Explore}

Wet Leaves (X100)

Wet Leaves : Ends Badly (Explore 3 Dec 2011)

Despite owning the X-Pro1 I still really love the X100. You can view my most popular X100 photos here.

Belfast Crossing (X-Pro1)

Belfast Crossing {Explore}

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St John’s Point (X-Pro1)

St John's Point Lighthouse {Explore}

You can view my first 25 photos taken with the X-Pro1 here. Please note these were taken with a preproduction model.

BMX in the Trees (5DMKII)

BMX above the trees {Explore}

Vintage Car (5DMKII)

Vintage Car

This photo was taken with my favourite Canon lens the 50mm F1.4. : In Praise of 50mm.

Enchanted Forest (5DMKII)

Enchanted Forest

I have literally no idea how this image made explore and is so popular. This is simply what trees look like here.

The Chase (5DMKII)

The Chase

This photo was taken on the way to the Even Gods Premier (well cast and crew premier anyway) on which I did stills photography.

Holywood Mono (X-Pro1)

Holywood Mono (X-Pro1) {Explore}

Fireworks (5DMKII)


Old Jetty (5DMKII)

Old Jetty

Castlewellan (5DMKII)

Castlewellan Lake before the rain (Explore)

You can view more photos from this trip to Castlewellan here.

Portrush Streets (5DMKII)

Portrush Streets

Dundrum Pano (X-Pro1)

Dundrum Panorama {Explore}

The X-Pro1 and X100 feature a brilliant panoramic feature. I have created a set dedicated to X100 Panoramas here.

Prawns X-Pro1

Prawns Macro (X-Pro1) {Explore}

Evening Light (5DMKII)

Evening Light (Explore)

Sundown (5DMKII)


Stranded Boat (5DMKII)

Stranded Boat

Low Light (5DMKII)


Watching the Storm (5DMKII)

Watching the Storm

Church (7D)


Helina Anastimat (X100)

Helina Anastigmat {explore}

Water Fall Guinness Time (5DMKII)

Water Fall Guinness Time

The Arcade (5DMKII)

Arcade (Explore)

You can view more of the arcade long exposure photos on this post.

Mini Water Fall (5DMKII)

Mini Water Fall

The Shell Hunters (550D)

The Shell Hunter

Everyone a Winner (X-Pro1)

Everyone a winner {Explore}

Vintage Cine Camera (X100)

Vintage Cine camera {explore}

Railway Street (X-Pro1)

Railyway Street Presbyterian Church {explore}

Windows (5DMKII)


Duke Special (X-Pro1)

Duke Special Waterfront {Explore}

One of the many brilliant performers to herald from Northern Ireland Duke Special releases Oh Pioneer.

The Dust I Breath (5DMKII)

The dust I breath {Explore}

The brilliant Suprsetr is able to keep my flickr explore set up to date so visit flickr explore for the most up to date images.

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