Blackberry picking

Blackberry Picking

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Autumn brings the golden browns and yellows of changing leaves and the harvest of blackberries. A Sunday afternoon picking berries through the brambles brought an opportunity to make some jam and to capture some photos along the way.

It was great to snap the facial expressions of those who tried the sourer berries, the purple hands and the excitement of finding large clumps of berries.

I processed the images using the Autumn Vintage Lightroom Preset. The preset increases the the hues of the autumnal range using split toning and really smooths out the bokeh. If you want to learn more about this type of photography check out “Shooting Shallow” A complete guide to Depth of Field.

blackberries in Ireland

The slight problem with this type of processing in Lightroom is the bleaching of skin tones. It can be an idea to using the brush tool to brush over the skin tones to increase the saturation.

blackberry picking

Autumn is a great season for photography, a great opportunity to document conker collection or use the low lit evenings to capture the autumn hues. changing leaves or the deep red sunsets traditional for this time of year.

Autumn berries

I love heading out in the late afternoon with the sun is setting, known as the golden hour it occurs at the extremes of the day. There are a few iPhone apps that help you work out the test time to head out with the camera. Autumn offers it all, you just have to get out there and photograph nature at its very best.


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