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Doan Mountain : The centre of Mourne

FlixelPix Blog • One Comment

It's not a long hike but it's always special. The meander through the bogs from Ott track to the famous Mourne Wall offer little clue to the magic that lies on the other side. It is only when you clamber over the wall that you are met with one the most stunning views

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Lightroom Preset : Autumn Fresh

Lightroom Presets

Autumn is my favourite season for photography. The golden hour falls perfectly and brings out the rich red gold tones of the autumn fall....

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Blackberry Picking

FlixelPix Blog

Autumn brings the golden browns and yellows of changing leaves and the harvest of blackberries. A Sunday afternoon picking berries through...

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35mm Tops Reader Poll

landscapes, Reviews • 10 Comments

Autumn is one of those few times of the year when I deliberately try and shoot into the sun. A a break from Long Exposure Photography I was...

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Autumnal Long Exposure Photography

landscapes • 3 Comments

Today I realised that the ND10 is just too much for autumnal long exposure photography. I unfortunately forgot to pack my other ND filters...

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