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Lightroom Presets : A Moody Look at Nature (JPG)

This series of five Lightroom presets aims to draw out the natural look, texture and colour of a natural scene. The presets were created for JPG images.

FlixelPix Nature Preset

This series of five Lightroom presets aims to draw out the natural look, texture and colour of a natural scene. The presets were created for JPG images, specifically from the DJI Mavic Air but they should have a similar effect on JPG output from other cameras.

Like all Lightroom Presets I use the scripts as a starting point and adjust the levels of clarity, shadows high lights and saturation accordingly.


Original Image SOOC (JPG).

This image was taken on a relatively cloudy day with little light. The scene was muted by default so this image offers an idea of the amount of drama added by each Lightroom Preset.


Nature I

This is my favourite of the Nature Lightroom Presets, the preset desaturates and mutes the colours while retaining the detail. The combination of desaturation and detail makes for an overall colder, slightly more dramatic image.

FlixelPix Nature Preset

Nature II

Nature II warms the image and brings a slightly higher contrast and higher clarity. The detail is clear and there is a warmer, natural feel to the shadows.

Nature III

This preset is deliberately over saturated so you can work back to a balanced image by reducing a combination of saturation and vibrance. My advice is to start by reducing vibrance then saturation in small measures. If there are a lot of browns in the scene you can keep those high in the HSL window by adjusting the red and orange sliders.

Nature IV

A compromise between Nature I and Nature III this presets keeps the colour but with muted clarity and contrast. You may want to adjust the highlights and shadows with this preset depending on the scene.

Nature V

Nature V reduces the amount of light and colour that is available in the shadows. The Lightroom preset offers a moody feel that can can adjust to taste using both the shadows and exposure sliders.

There is a small charge for the Lightroom presets to cover the cost of running the site, hosting and distribution fees.

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If you are new to the pages of FlixelPix and the various Lightroom presets you can take the pain out of downloading each individual Lightroom file by buying the complete bundle of Adobe Lightroom Presets. Note: this bundle contains a zip file of all the premium and free Lightroom presets available on FlixelPix (it saves you downloading the free presets individually) as well the bonus cityscape and vintage presets (that are not currently available on site).


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