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The following are the post popular photography articles on site within the last 24 Hours. Remember to check out the range of Photography ebooks. cover the exposure triangle and depth of field through to mastering the art of long exposure photography.

    • Hands on with the Fujifilm X100F Hands on with the Fujifilm X100F A hands on review of the Fujifilm X100F for both documentary and landscape photography. The perfect combination of power and elegance the Fujifilm X100F sees some exciting new features to Fujifilms fixed lens camera.

    • The Long Exposure eBook The Long Exposure eBook Long exposure photography is about capturing space and silence, like visually holding your breath; it is about capturing the beauty and calmness of a scene.

    • The FujiFilm X100 and the Lee Seven5 System The FujiFilm X100 and the Lee Seven5 System When it comes to filters Lee are the gold standard and their recently released Seven5 micro filter system now includes an option for the Fujifilm's X100, X100S and X100F cameras.

    • Free Lightroom Preset : Enhance Free Lightroom Preset : Enhance Summer in the United Kingdom and Ireland can be a little hit and miss but 2012 has definitely been a classic 'miss' from floods to weeks of rain and dull summer days. I have taken a number of photos this summer that feel more like November than July...

    • Belfast with the X100F Belfast with the X100F I have loved the X100 experience ever since the original Finepix X100, it is a special camera that offers remarkable versatility whether it be for landscapes or casual days out in the city.

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