The Long Exposure Finale

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There is no easier location to take photos than the Antrim Coast or the County Down mountains. Grabbing a break between the rain it was time to venture out for the final set of long exposure photographs. I’ve exhausted the long exposure and it is time for a break from ND filters and calculating exposure times. Note : you can click on each of the images to view it larger on flickr.

The forest

The forest was stark and the river was strewn with debris created by the storm the night before. The broken branches were a distraction in most of the river captures. I used the Canon 17-40mm throughout, ISO 100 for the long exposures and ISO 400 for the regular captures.

The Path

I became more interested in how the ultra wide lens distorted the high vertical lines of the trees. It was interesting to see how angling the camera to 45 degrees to the ground yet at the same time keeping the path in the frames creates a completely distorted geometry.

The Trees

The final long exposure was at a point in the river that I had already visited in February. ( The Water between the Rocks). To be honest I prefer the colour in these early shots. The winter moss created an overly green back drop to the images that detracts from the water.

Final Long Exposure of 2011

Still, a good day with the ultra wide. I have visited this location a few times in the past, if you are interested in the history of the Tollymore area then check out Foley Bridge and The Hermitage.

If you are interesting in seeing more of the long exposure images then Autumnal Long Exposure are from this location County Down. Other long exposures include : The Carnival, Helen’s Bay and Castlewellan although my favourite set has to be Kinnegar Pier.


David is a documentary and landscape photographer covering everything from dramatic long exposure landscape photography through to live music. David is a former Official Fujifilm X Photographer.

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