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St John’s Point

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I’ve visited St John’s Point in County Down on a number of occasions and time after time it gets the better of me. I can see the long exposure photograph I want to create but the conditions just never seem to be right.

I decided to take a quick visit to Tyrella road and stop off at St John’s Point en route.

When I started off the light was perfect but when I arrived the clouds parted to create probably the brightest day of the year to date. You could literally see a line in the sky between the thunder clouds of winter and the bright sun of summer. I was travelling with my X100s equipped with the WCL-X100 and the X-Pro1 with 14mm Fujinon lens.

The following image is of the Mourne Mountains from a little bridge on the way to Tyrella. The image was captured with the X100s with WCL-X100.

River towards the Mountains

The main purpose of the visit was to capture some long exposure photos of both Tyrella and St John’s Point with the X-Pro1 and 14mm lens.


The rocks around St John’s Point Lighthouse are sharp and the terrain is rough so a tripod fitted with a ball head is essential. The location was busy with visitors and even wedding photographers.. see below (X100s and WCL-X100).

Photoshoot at St John's Point

It was a matter of finding a vantage point that was going to stay clear for more than 10 seconds and that wasn’t also going to be engulfed by the incoming tide.

St John's Point

The sky was a full of dense clouds following the heavy storm, although this meant rapidly changing light levels it also offered the advantage of a very dramatic skyline.

The Irish Sea

I really wanted to pack as much detail into the shot, create a long exposure but at the same time keep the clouds as motionless as possible. For this I needed slow cloud movement, fast tide movement and a balance of exposure time and aperture.

You can read more about how to capture long exposure images in this long exposure guide. I am not sure I really achieved what I had set out with this shot but it really was the margin between the storm clouds and blazing sun.

St John's Point, tail of the storm

You can click on any of the images in this post to view larger (well, 1200pixel wide) versions on flickr. There is a little bit more detail and clarity full size than exists in these cropped versions.


Hands on with the X100s
St John’s Point
Long Exposure Photography
Tyrella Road


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