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Lisburn Mayor’s Parade 2013

Lisburn Mayor's Carnival

Every year without fail we visit the Lisburn Lord Mayor’s Parade and carnival. This year was unlike previous visits, a new route and probably the worst May weather in quite some time. Heavy rain, hale and even a few minutes of hot sun but despite the weather the carnival was again, a resounding success.

You can see the dark clouds emanating from behind Lisburn’s railway station and they would set the scene for the day.

Lisburn Train Station

The rain didn’t stop the carnival from going ahead and the weather didn’t appear to pup off the hundreds of people who lined the route.


All images were captured on the Fujifilm X100s and processed in Lightroom 4. You can click on any of the images to view large on flickr.



The parade took a different route this year making its way to the park via Bachelor’s Walk rather than Castle Street.
Lisburn Court House




Vintage Cars

Dancing in the Streets

Wallace Park

On arrival at Lisburn’s Wallace park the heavens opened with a mix of hale stones and heavy rain. There was little cover.



We took refuge in one tent that to our surprise featured a boxing ring and a performance from the Canal Boxing Academy.



Castle Street

In a gap in the rain we made our way along Castle Street and Lisburn’s Castle Gardens. You can see by the ground the extreme changes in weather from heavy rain to hot sunshine.

Castle Street

Castle Gardens

R-Space Gallery

Following the park we visited the opening a new photographic based exhibition by Avril Wilson. It is a truly remarkable series of pieces and very much worth the visit.


R-Space Exhibition

Avril Wilson

You can find out more about Avril’s exhibition on the R-Space Facebook page.


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