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Forest Fog in the Mourne Mountains

Capturing the forest fog in Northern Ireland's Mourne Mountains with the DJI Mavic. Includes photos of the Blue Lough and Ben Crom. I hit the Trassey area at which point visibility rapidly diminished.

The forecast was for the day was bright and sunny so I thought it would be a great opportunity to capture some Mavic Air footage of Doan Mountain. There was very little fog until I hit the Trassey area at which point visibility rapidly diminished. The route from Ott car park through to Doan needs a bit of navigation and I didn’t fancy making my way to the top to find all I could see was thick, dense fog.

Instead I decided the next stop would be Carrick Little and a quick hike to the saddle overlooking Ben Crom reservoir. The Fog was adding a little bit of drama and mood to the forests along the mountains so I thought I would make the most of the dramatic fog and capture 2-3 minutes of footage in the woods with the DJI Mavic Air.

DJI Mavic Air Video

Flying the Mavic Air in fog and the forest offered a duality of challenge. I had to keep the distance short to keep the drone in line-of-sight but I also had to battle the positioning between the branches. My flying is definitely improving and I have more time to consider the shots, albeit it’s hard to see that in this video.

The Mavic Air camera is great, I love the video output and once I have processed the noise in one or two of the stills the DNG files are great for a moving device. The next stage is to control the gimbal and aim for consistent speed of movement in tracking shots.

Forest in the Mournes

This is not my first time in this little stretch of wood in the Mourne mountains. The location was used for a Ram’s Pocket Radio video and as you can see there are a fair few less trees these days. You can click the photos to view large.

Following the brief stop at the forest it was time to head up along the Annalong Wood, alongside Slieve Binnian. The big problem that neither the forest nor mountain were actually visible. I continued with the hope that the fog would lift. I passed the Blue Lough and on to the stunning views of Ben Crom. To see these views check out this post (Slieve Lamagan) as zero visibility was the theme for the day.

Arriving home there was no drone footage of Doan mountain or drone footage of Ben Crom. Despite the disappointment there is never a bad day in the Mourne Mountains.


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