Black and White portraits

Ten Years and Ten Black and White Portraits

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The last decade wasn’t all about landscape photography. fortuity has offered some unique opportunities in the music and film industries, and many are documented below. Capturing black and white portraits is a challenged compared to photographing mountains but a chance to push out of the comfort zone.

The following black and white portraits were candid captures, only four of the ten photos involve eye contact with the camera. Most of the Fujifilm cameras offer eye and face tracking but I prefer to be in control of the focal point. If you used eye tracking feel free to post your experiences in the comments below.

Black and White Portraits

The black and white portraits below are processed in Lightroom using the FlixelPix Black and White Lightroom Presets.

1. Kyle John Suckling

First on the list is singer, songwriter and producer Kyle John Suckling. Kyle has worked with artists across the globe and has released a number of solo albums over recent years. A talented musician, Kyle is often found in the Mourne Mountains with myself and Davy Watson.

Kyle John Sucking, Black and White portrait.

2. Peter J McCauley

Peter is the voice of Rams’ Pocket Radio and a solo artist of considerable standing. He is currently on tour with Northern Ireland’s Foy Vance.

Peter J McCauley Black and White Portrait

3. James Price

There is nothing about coffee this man doesn’t know. Captured at the White Star Coffee roasting unit in Belfast.

James Price, White star coffee black and white portrait

4. Michael Mormecha

Multitalented Michael is the lead singer of Northern Ireland band Mojo Fury. He has considerable success as a solo artist and producer and performs with Lisburn artist Amy Montgomery. Check out the Michael Mormecha album cover shoot.

Michael Mormecha black and white portrait

5. James Lyttle

James is another talented music producer from Lisburn Northern Ireland. A master of a range of instruments James plays guitar and keyboards in Mojo Fury. Image captured on County Down’s Tyrella beach.

James Lyttle, mojo Fury

6. Jim Broadbent

Jim Broadbent requires no introduction having appeared in a vast array of television and feature films. Image captured backstage with the Fujfilm X100 at Belfast’s BigIF event.

Jim Broadbent

7. Richard Dormer

Another image captured backstage at the Belfast BigIF event. Richard Dormer has appeared in films/dramas such as Fortitude, Game of Thrones and Good Vibrations. Richard originates from Lisburn, Northern Ireland.

Richard Dormer black and white portrait

8. Ernie McMillan

First featured on the Guitar Maker post. Ernie is a master luthier based in Newtownards, Northern Ireland.

The guitar maker

9. Lalor Roddy

Lalor Roddy has appeared in an array of television and feature film productions. Image captured on the set of the film Even Gods.

Lalor Roddy actor

10. Paul Caddell

Paul Caddell is an actor based in Belfast. In Game of Thrones he is playing the role of Jacks joining the cast as a guest star in the second season. Image captured on the set of short film, Even Gods.

Paul Caddell Black and White portrait

There are many more black and white portraits captured with the Fujifilm X100 series camera. Make sure you subscribe to the site for future updates or follow on Instagram.


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David is a documentary and landscape photographer covering everything from dramatic long exposure landscape photography through to live music. David is a former Official Fujifilm X Photographer.

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