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Backup your Photos to Dropbox

For every one hundred photos I take only ten or so make it out of Lightroom. Photos are published on this blog, flickr, 500px and Facebook. The rest remain in Lightroom for review at a later date.

The photos I publish to the internet are generally 1200px wide and 70dpi and thus not ideal for printing. As a result I always like to create a print quality backup of these images ‘just in case’.

For extra reassurance these 600dpi full size jpg files are published and stored in a dropbox folder. Thankfully Adobe Lightroom makes this process easy with the built in publishing services.

Open Lightroom and make sure you are in the Library Module. On the left hand side library window you will see a “Publishing Services” tab. Click the + to load the ‘Publishing Services Manager’.

From here we are going to create a Harddrive publishing service.

Lightroom will default to publishing your photos to your “documents folder”. Click in the ‘Export Location’ tab to change this to your dropbox folder.

I have created a folder called “Photo Masters” within Dropbox and Lightroom will also create a subfolder for 2012 so I can update the service again in 2013 to separate the photos annually.

It is important that you check the export options to ensure your happy with the quality of the published images. I am retaining the dimensions of the original image in an 100% Quality 600dpi jpg image.

Once the service is set up you can drag images from your library onto the service. The number of images will increase but this doesn’t actually mean they are published.

To complete the process click the “Publish” button at the bottom of the window. Lightroom will then process and export the images do your Dropbox folder. Dropbox will do then sync this local folder with your online dropbox space.

If haven’t signed up for the Dropbox service then you really should. You can get 2GB of FREE space by signing up now.

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