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The Dark Hedges

The Dark Hedges

This year I have received over a dozen emails asking why the traditional Northern Ireland locations were not covered on FlixelPix. In a sense it wasn’t a deliberate act to leave places like ‘The Dark Hedges’ or the Giant’s Causeway out but more that people from Northern Ireland don’t tend to visit these locations on a frequent basis.

I have decided to remedy these missing locations with a whistle stop tour of a few of the obvious places to visit between the showers on a visit to Ireland. Now famous for it’s appearance in the HBO series Game of Thrones the trees are now a popular stop for bus runs and tourists.

The first location I thought I would cover is the famous dark hedges of County Antrim that are listed as over three hundred years old.

The hedges are allegedly haunted by a spectral ‘grey lady’ and form an arc over the road. The beech trees have become a much-photographed natural monument within the Ballymoney area and in my fifteen minute visit I met six sets of visitors from Germany through to Canada.

As I have already mentioned, the location was recently used as a location in the HBO drama series Game of Thrones which fits perfectly with the haunting almost enchanted looking area.

Sadly though, 300 years worth of heritage as been almost ruined by the erection of a hideous green fence along both sides of the narrow road.

The Dark Hedges

You can read more of this story in the Ballymoney Times. It really was particularly difficult to capture the images without the eyesore of the fence.


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