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35mm Tops Reader Poll

Autumn is one of those few times of the year when I deliberately try and shoot into the sun. A a break from Long Exposure Photography I was playing with the X-Pro1 (35mm lens) and the Canon 5D (35mm lens), the Canon tends to be my video camera and the X-Pro1 for stills.

Although both lenses were 35mm the X-Pro1 has a cropped sensor so the setup works more like a 50mm lens than a 35mm which is great. Over the past year I have really got to know the X-Pro1 I can control it more and I feel I get a better sense of what I have shot compared to my 5D. With the Canon I have to imagine the shot, the bokeh the detail whereas with the X-Pro1 I feel I can trust the EVF.

FlixelPix Autumn Lightroom Preset

I am constantly asked why I still use the Canon when I have the X-Pro1 but frankly there isn’t a camera around (in the same price bracket) that can beat the Canon 5D MKII or III for video quality and control. Even the onboard sound recording is quite remarkable. It is bulky, it is heavy but when it comes to video it is a price worth paying.

Autumn Sun, FlixelPix

Still photography wise I still pretty much turn to the X-Pro1 by default. It was interesting today to see the different reaction each camera received by passing walkers.

The X-Pro1 goes virtually unnoticed yet people actually stop for the dSLR. Hold the dSLR to your eye while pointing along a path and passing walkers stop of fear of ruining your shot.

What I can’t decide is whether I prefer shooting at 35mm or 50mm (full frame equivalent). I love both 35mm lenses but I did struggle jumping between the two sizes even though there isn’t a massive difference. So, what do you think, is 50mm too might or is 35mm just too wide, what impact do you think it has on bokeh?

35mm lens is the favourite

Feel free to post your comments but lets stick to the full frame equivalent sizes i.e. 35mm on a cropped sensor is equivalent to 50mm full frame etc. It will be interesting to read your opinions on the perfect focal length, is 35mm the new 50? I will leave the poll and comments open for a few weeks.

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