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20 Long Exposure Photos of N Ireland

20 Long Exposure Photos of Northern Ireland is a brief look at a few of the locations I explored in the creation of The Long Exposure eBook. The photos were mostly taken on the Fujifilm X-Pro1 but one or two are pre-X-Pro1 and thus were captured on the Canon 5DMKII.

I have indicated the county and rough location so you should be able to use Google Maps to work out exactly how to get to the various long exposure hot spots. You can click on any of the images to view a larger version on flickr.

long exposureThe Long Exposure (PDF eBook)
The eBook covers everything from the equipment you will need right through to post-production processing in Adobe’s brilliant Lightroom 4. This guide has been written with the beginner to the long exposure process in mind; however, the enthusiast and professional alike may find something of relevance also. The Book comes with 6 dedicated Lightroom Presets. The Long Exposure Ebook


This Jetty is just beyond Carrickfergus but is now no longer accessible to the public.

Clonagh Long Exposure {Explore}

Holywood Mono

The old Holywood Yacht Club, just under the railway bridge.

Holywood Mono (X-Pro1) {Explore}

The Irish Sea

The sea at St John’s Point, County Down.

The Irish Sea

Castlewellen Lake

Castlewellen Forest, County Down.

Castlewellan Lake before the rain (Explore)

St John’s Point Lighthouse

St John’s Point, County Down.

St John's Point Lighthouse {Explore}

St John’s Landing

St John’s Point Lighthouse, County Down.

St John's Point (X-Pro1)

The Crumlin Waterfall

My favourite X-Pro1 image of the Crumlin Glenn Waterfall, County Antrim.

Waterfall Mono

The Old Jetty

Oxford Island, County Armagh.

Old Jetty {Explore}


Another view to Carrickfergus from Holywood.



Between Carrickfergus and Larne.

The last of Gleno


Ballintoy Harbour, County Antrim.

The view from Ballintoy


Belfast Amusements.


Belfast Lough

Belfast Lough from the Cloghan Jetty.

Ethereal Long Exposure


From the rock walk, Portbradden, County Antrim.


Belfast Shipping

Belfast Lough outside Carrickfergus.

Belfast Lough

Crumlin Glenn

Crumlin Glenn, Crumlin, County Antrim.

The Waterfall Long Exposure


Tollymore Forest Park.

Closer Bridge

The Atlantic Ocean

View from Portbalintrea beach.

The Atlantic Ocean

The Waterfall

Another waterfall in Tollymore, County Down.


If you want to know more about capturing long exposure photography then check out the beginners guide to long exposure photography.

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