Midge Ure Belfast

Midge Ure

The Belfast Nashville Festival kicks off for its tenth year featuring one the UK’s most iconic musicians, Midge Ure. Midge has been writing and performing music for over thirty five years and has deservedly received Ivor Novello, Grammy and ASCAP awards for his work.

Fresh from headlining his own show Midge Ure joins local artists, Shauna Tohill (aka Silhouette) and Peter McVeigh for an ‘In the round’ set in Belfast’s Holiday Inn. As you can see from the image below I was cursed with red light. My Lightroom Preset to correct this can’t cope with a mix of pure white light beside the deep red. Sadly, mono it is.

Belfast Nashville

The process is simple, each artist performs one of their own songs in turn. It was a phenomenal opportunity for both Shauna and Peter to perform with such a music legend but equally it was clear Midge was also blown away by their talent.

Midge Ure

Midge Ure is a hugely influential musician who co-wrote Band Aid’s “Do They Know It’s Christmas” and Ultravox’s number one hit “Vienna”. Taking to the stage with a stunning Avalon guitar he talked through his songwriting process.

Midge Ure

Shauna Tohill

Shauna is one of Northern Ireland’s most promising musical talents. Having featured on the Discover Northern Ireland advertisement over the last few years Shauna has written and recorded some really stunning material. Shauna combines different musical elements to produce high energy alternative music. Furthermore, Shauna is sincere, from arena stages performing with Snow Patrol to the smallest of venues Shauna Tohil is always the same and most deserving of success. It was clear within thirty seconds into the first song Midge Ure was also a believer!

Shauna Tohill

Peter McVeigh

This is the first time I had heard Peter McVeigh and I was sincerely in awe of his voice, guitar playing and songwriting talent. Peter writes about plain, everyday life and makes it interesting. Songs we all call relate to Peter delivers and has a great sense of humour to boot. Following his first song Midge Ure joked “I hate talented people.” High and deserved praise!

Peter McVeigh

Midge Ure is a truly respected musician and deserves every award. A fantastic singer, songwriter and performer he didn’t fail to impress the Belfast audience. The highlight was seeing both Shauna and Peter hold their own beside such a musical legend. The packed audience were treated to a remarkable afternoon of musical performance. Well done to Colin and the Belfast Nashville team.


The Belfast Nashville Set on Flickr
Belfast Nashville Festival
Midge Ure
Shauna Tohill
Peter McVeigh

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