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Cultra Long Exposure Photography

Long exposures are about capturing space and silence. They are like visually holding your breath and they definitely work best in the calmness of a quiet beach or lake. Attempting long exposure photography on a busy saturday afternoon was a remarkable challenge. People, dogs, boats (lots of boats), tractors, and planes meant the opportunities for anything more than 5-6 seconds were few and far between.

As evening began to fall the Cultra coastline began to quieten down but only slightly so I decided to including the moving objects by hoping they would stay still for 5-6 seconds.

I used the Fujifilm X-Pro1, 18mm lens and the ND10 filter. The captures are generally a 6 second exposure keeping the camera’s aperture at f/4 – f/6. At times I risked 10 seconds at F/12 or 20 seconds at f/16 if I thought the coastline was going to remain static for that time.

[box]You can click on the images to view larger. All images X-Pro1 with either the 18mm or 35mm lenses.[/box]

I have also included a photo of the decaying Cultra Station. A stunning building that is crying out to be restored.

It really wasn’t as I had hoped. In addition to the distractions of people and boats the light levels where also rapidly changing, in fact the whole process was almost tortuous. It is a great opportunity to capture under pressure but I think it flies in contradiction of what long exposure is about.

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