Doan from Bearnagh

Doan Mountain from Slieve Bearnagh

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The vista views from the top of Slieve Bearnagh are always special

One of my favourite walks in the Mourne Mountains is from Trassey Track to the steep ascent of Slieve Bearnagh along Pollachuca. The vista views from the top of Bearnagh are always special and it’s a great spot to stop for lunch (depending on the windchill).

It’s impossible to predict what the weather is going to throw at us from one hour to the next and although we started the trek on a completely clear day a thick layer of cloud quickly formed over Doan mountain.

Equipped with the 16-55mm (24-70 in full frame metrics) I was able to get a little compression toward Doan but at the same time the lens is wide enough to capture the sheer scale and space of Bearnagh.

Doan Mountain

You can see more photos of the area in a previous post : Slieve Bearnagh Hike.
The Mournes are a reasonably compact range of mountains and heading back down Bearnagh toward Hare’s Gap takes in views of Slieve Commedagh and Slieve Donard (in the distance).

The Mourne mountain are claimed to be the only mountain range in the world that actually meet the sea and you can just see the Irish sea on the left hand side of the image.

Slieve Bearnagh

Slieve Doan from Slieve Bearnagh

My favourite shot of the day was down the valley toward Doan mountain. Doan is a personal favourite hike, the mountain stands majestically in the valley the light and contrast creating a sense of drama.

Doan from Bearnagh

With every visit to the mountains we discover a new way to look at the same vistas with the weather being the creative variable of each visit. I can’t wait to get back.


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Doan Mountain
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