Boxing Day on Whiterocks Beach

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A trip to the beaches along the north coast of Ireland has unintentionally become a Boxing Day tradition. In the past we watched the sun set behind Mussenden Temple along Castlerock beach, but this year it was to be Boxing Day on the Whiterocks Beach of Portrush.

Editing with Premier Pro

This was experience editing with Adobe Premier Pro. Over the last number of years I have been using Apple’s Final Cut and through experience have built up a workflow that I have become very used to.

Editing with Premier Pro made a lot of sense in the timeline construction but I am not sure about the colour cast on the right hand side of the beach shots nor have I managed to get my head around the export settings. I only noticed after export that the above video is no longer 4K. All Premier Pro advice appreciated.

The Whiterocks, Portrush

The Whiterocks Beach is a stunning stretch of coast not far from the Giant’s Causeway. The limestone cliffs line the blue flag beach with the steep dunes paving the way to the Arcadia. The beach is the perfect place to clock up some flight time over the sea. Fortunately, the DJI Mavic Air is so portable it’s easy to carry in a day bag along with the remote and spare batteries.

The DJI drone offers a unique perspective and angle impossible with the traditional camera. You can really gain a sense of the vastness of the coast from the elevated position out to sea. This isn’t my first venture to this beach with the Mavic, you can see my first three days with the Air here : Three Days with the DJI Mavic Air. I have also created a couple of Lightroom presets for the DJI Mavic Air, that may be of use to other Air owners.

Surfing at the Whiterocks beach Portrush

The Whiterocks Beach

After a short drone flight it was back to shooting from the ground. I am back shooting on a full frame camera and with the surfers I regretted not packing the 70-200mm. The Zeiss 24-70mm was as good as it was going to get, all the positives of portability and the ability to capture the sense of space.

The Whiterocks beach is just a 3km walk to the town of Portrush, perfect for lunch prior to the return walk as the afternoon sun sets. It’s the perfect short walk taking in a fine stretch of Northern Ireland coastline.


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