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10 Reasons to own a Fujifilm X

FlixelPix Blog • 11 Comments

“Would the X Range replace my DSLR?” a common question, for this reason I have decided to list just ten reasons why the Fujifilm X range is my first stop camera system :

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My Holiday Photography Kit

FlixelPix Blog

Holiday travel was my initial motivation for purchasing the Fujifilm X100. The desire to travel light yet retain the ability to capture...

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Fujifilm 27mm Love

Reviews • 2 Comments

I have been using the Fujifilm 27mm pancake lens for almost a year and I am yet to actually give the lens the attention or acknowledgement...

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Bird Watching with the X-T1

FlixelPix Blog • 8 Comments

I know this isn’t my usual style of photography, furthermore I know these are not interesting images but I thought using the X-T1 for...

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Fair Head


Suncream was the last thing anyone expected to need on the 5th of October but as we made our way from Ballycastle and over Fair Head (Bhinn...

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