The Giant's Causeway

Winter : The Giant’s Causeway

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It has been a busy few months and I finally managed to visit the Giant’s Causeway with the Fujinon 16mm f/1.4 lens. I love experimenting with shallow depth of field in landscape photography and there is no better place than the Giant’s Causeway.

The Giant's Causeway Northern Ireland

It was a dull day that muted the colours of the sky and sea against the famous County Antrim rocks. The sea was angry and the rocks were particularly slippery so there was lots of whistle blowing from the health and safety team ensuring everyone remained safely on dry land.

I didn’t have much time as the sun was setting, it was also tricky to find areas of the rocks that weren’t populated with other like-minded photographers and the hordes of selfie snappers.

Photography at the Giant's Causeway

Getting low to the rocks was made easy by the flip screen on the Fujifilm X-T2. I could look down on the screen to ensure the composition was correct without actually having to get low myself.

Giant's Causeway black and white

The X-T2 combined with the Fujinon 16mm f/1.4 lens was perfect for capturing the Causeway. The 16mm focal length is wide enough to take in the rocks and the Irish Sea backdrop. The large aperture range allowed me to control the depth of field so the foreground rocks were perfectly in focus while softening the seascape background. If you are new to the whole concept of depth of field then check out ‘Shooting Shallow, Understanding Depth of Field’.

It was a dull day and I processed the images using a variation of the Dark Binnian Lightroom Preset. I will release this preset eventually with a relevant County Antrim title. The combination of lowlight, the late afternoon sun and the Lightroom preset offered some dramatic imagery of the Giant’s Causeway coastline.


Fujinon 16mm F/1.4 Lens
Northern Ireland Landscape Photography


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