Tyrella Beach, County Down

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It is no secret that I love the striking contrast of the Mourne Mountains and the stunning Tyrella beach. As a result we visit the location regularly and spent the last week staying at the beach doing very, very little. The beach is stunning and the sense of space is remarkable as you look out at the horizon as it meets the ragged Mourne Mountain range. Tyrella beach is situated on the county down coast just outside of the town of Dundrum.

The perfect time to visit the beach is the late afternoon golden hour. The sun goes down behind Slieve Donard creating a golden cast that reflects against the wet sand and Irish Sea. We had a brilliant time at the beach, collecting shells, playing football and taking scores of photos with the X100s.

Tyrella Beach

Using Reflection

Tyrella beach is actually where I took my pre-production Fujifilm X20 images. Mixing the golden hour with the reflections on the sand creates a dramatic mirroring effect against the mountain backdrop.

Tyrella horses

Using Silhouettes

Setting people in front of the setting sun can create some a great silhouettes and long shadows which can add a point of interesting to images. It doesn’t look like it but this image was captured during a weekend in January. Read more here. The term “Golden Hour” isn’t accurate at Tyrella, there is about half-an-hour of golden light and then almost sudden darkness as the sun drops behind the mountains.

Tyrella love

Mojo Fury

On the first day of the holiday I photographed one of my favourite bands, Mojo Fury on the beach,it was a cold morning and the Mournes were hidden by the cloud but it created a neutral backdrop for capturing the stark black and white imagery I was looking for. There will be more Mojo Fury photos in the coming weeks.

Mojo Fury

It is a striking location that appears different each time we visit. Frequented by horse riders, kite surfers and lobster pots there is always something to capture. If you haven’t ventured out this far it is well worth a visit especially during the golden hours.

All photos : Fujfilm X20, Fujifilm X100S, Fujifilm X-E2

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