Snow covered Mournes

To Mourne the Snow

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During the recent Snow in Northern Ireland we attempted to make our way through Silent Valley but had to turn and go back. Not to be deterred we attempted the trip again today and despite a thaw we only managed to get marginally closer. The coldest March on over 50 years brought the heaviest snow falls in living memory and the snow has lingered for longer than anyone expected.

[box]The top image was taken a few days before without the WCL-X100 along the long Murlough path to the sea.[/box]

It was time to take to the hills with only the Fujfilm X100s equipped with the WCL-X100 wide angle adaptor. The photo below shows the limit to which  you could travel along the road. We parked and walked the last two hundred yards to what felt like the end of the world.

The End of the Road WCL-X100

It was a remarkable view but the beauty is born in the contrast to what this location  normally looks like. Today there was nothing to see but white snow and a tempered sky, it was still quite a view to behold.

Snow in the Mournes

Macro Mode

I tried to capture the sheer height of the snow. Most of the fence that separates the road from the mountainside was caked under 3-15ft of snow, (yes 15 feet thanks to the snow plough that forced its way trough last week). The WCL-X100 would normally be the tool for landscapes rather than close-up macro images but my hands were too cold to risk removing it. You can see below it still performs on close up subjects even with the macro mode activated.

Macro mode WCL-X100

Even at its lowest point the snow was over three feet deep. It was odd to be walking on such a hard surface and see the tops of fence posts sitting centimetres from foot level.

Height of the Snow in the Mournes

The X100s is a remarkably performer and for those concerned that 35mm is just too tight for their style of shooting then the little WCL-X100 adds little weight to the camera but opens up a world of opportunities.

Mourne Easter Snow

I am just not sure how long it will be until we see snow like this in the Mournes on Easter Tuesday. I hope it is a long time to come.


David is a documentary and landscape photographer covering everything from dramatic long exposure landscape photography through to live music. David is a former Official Fujifilm X Photographer.


  1. No, not that I have seen as the camera has software correction / compensation for it. It is a handy attachment.

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