Things that fall in-between

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I had the pleasure of taking the first set of photos documenting the journey of a group of artists who have embarked on an exciting project entitled “Things that fall in between”. The end result will showcase the practices of makers whose work falls between the three pillars of craft, design and fine art.

The work will explore the creation of objects through process, ideas, installation and discussion, drawing upon the wider traditions and associations within and between these three fields.

This collection will be a direct a response to environment which demonstrates the possibilities for innovative, thoughtful and well-made work when boundaries are ignored.

It is envisaged that a series of site-specific installations and curated settings will demonstrate interactions within this part renovated/ part derelict space.

The artists/makers enter into a visual dialogue with the space, developing the Georgian Rectory on its journey towards becoming R Space – a contemporary space for the Applied Arts in Northern Ireland.

The main exhibition will be centred in the main gallery space on the ground floor, where an archive comprising of samples, drawings, documents, sound recordings, photo essay and film, capturing the essence and activity of the makers and their completed works installed throughout the other areas of the building.

The project is managed by MAK9 (check out the Facebook page) and will be working with ten to fifteen makers/artists/designers, who are interested in investigating the creation of objects, the process of making and the engagement with materials through installation, either 3 dimensional or 2 dimensional works to be integrated throughout the space.

The exhibition will be accompanied by archived documentation, which will contain essays, text and imagery provided by the artists, running alongside will be a series of talks and workshops capturing the project.

About R-Space

R Space is a visual arts and crafts space, presenting and commissioning a programme of exhibitions and arts activity based in The Linen Rooms in the heart of the City of Lisburn, Northern Ireland.

Based in Castle Street the space is the transformation of one of the oldest areas of the town. I took a photo of the premises two years ago before the street level was renovated into a stunning, modern creative gallery and space.

You can get a sense of the update from the photograph below.

R Space’s ambition is to increase access, understanding and enjoyment of, contemporary visual arts, crafts, design and other related arts activities. It will collaborate with a diverse range of excellent and challenging artists and designers working in different media, providing audiences from a wide range of educational, social and cultural backgrounds with different points of access to the arts.

The centre will create a lively and welcoming environment that excites visitors into thinking and talking about the arts and the opportunity to purchase visual arts and craft and for their own homes and collections.

R Space will raise the profile of the arts in Lisburn, raise audiences expectations and offer them new perspectives on the wider contemporary art and design scene.

A number of other photographs are available on flickr here.

You can find out more about R-Space via the website. or Facebook Page. The Lisburn Exhibition will be open to the public from 12th May – 16th June 2012.


David is a documentary and landscape photographer covering everything from dramatic long exposure landscape photography through to live music. David is a former Official Fujifilm X Photographer.


  1. This looks really interesting, I am looking forward to following your progress. My own work is about the process of creating textile and traditional textile craft process in contemporary textile practice.

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