The Mournes from Slieve Croob

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There hasn’t been many opportunities to explore the great outdoors with the camera. An impromptu decision to head to the radio towers on Slieve Croob offered remarkable views of the Mournes and Irish Sea.

It was a cold Sunday afternoon between the various lockdowns, the sun was bright and low creating a mix of warm highs and lows over the Dromara hills.

Shooting in to the sun offered a challenge, reducing the exposure compensation worked to a degree but you can see the painfully over exposed sun destroying the upper section of the above frame.

Such challenges offer opportunities, the highs of the sun allow for some creative silhouette photography. Placing anything in front of the bright sun will create a stark contrast against the warm, bright background.

The view out to Newcastle and Murlough Bay was stunning with the broad line of the Mourne Mountains covered by a thin layer of cloud. The AWS Trig pillar offered a makeshift tripod as we enjoyed the view but the wind was strong so we didn’t stay long.

The sun was falling lower as we descended Croob offering the chance for one or two last captures.

The experience of being outside and a few hundred meters above sea level was respite from the final days of November. The above, rather unexciting view caught the eye of local musician Kyle John Suckling who opted to use it for the cover of his latest album.

Stranger still, this week also saw the launch of a brand new beer by the Mourne Mountain Brewery. The beer, aptly titled ‘Ways of Escape’ is available now in most good stockists.

The image was captured on a climb to the top of Doan a number of years ago. You can view the original post here : Slieve Doan.

There are a couple more photos from Slieve Croob on the FlixelPix Facebook Page.

Kyle John Suckling : BandCamp
The Mourne Mountain Brewery

Slieve Croob : 54°20?24?N 5°58?25?W Height : 534m Prominence : 439m


David is a documentary and landscape photographer covering everything from dramatic long exposure landscape photography through to live music. David is a former Official Fujifilm X Photographer.

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