Murlough Bay

The Mourne Mountains from Murlough Beach

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Everyone has a go-to walk. The place where you will go for a longer walk without giving it a second thought. The Murlough Beach Nature Reserve offers an array of great walking opportunities. You have the walk along the boardwalk, through the sand dunes before you arrive at the beach. You also have Murlough Beach and the walk to Dundrum or if you want to push further you can walk around the Bay to Newcastle town.

Murlough Beach & Nature Reserve

Murlough Beach actually makes up part of the famous Dundrum GR8, a gruelling 8 mile run on a range of terrains. The run starts on the road, heads to trails, tracks and boardwalks and includes approximately two miles along the beach running on sand. The hospitality following the race is second to none and the entire town of Dundrum closes to host the race. The last event was 2019, hopefully there will be a 2021.

The Murlough National Nature Reserve, a long series of sprawling sand dunes owned by the National Trust and managed as Ireland’s first Nature Reserve since 1967. The reserve boasts over 700 different species of butterfly which can be witnessed as you meander through the dunes.


The Mourne Snow
The Mournes
The Murlough Nature Reserve

Location: Keel Point, Dundrum, County Down, BT33 0NQ


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