St George's Market, Belfast

The Day I met Lisa Bonet

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Another trip down to St George’s Market in Belfast. All the regular friends were there, Les Reid and his band provided the Jazz and artists such as Anthony Toner relaxed in the busy market. The highlight of the visit didn’t come from the coffee, the fish, or the handmade confectionary but the fact I had a chance meeting with an actress from one of my favourite films “High Fidelity”.

Lisa Bonet sampled Belfast live with her family in a low key, understated way for such a star. She was very nice but sadly doesn’t appear in the above photograph which is a real shame, you will just have to do with Pascal.

High Fidelity is based on the novel by Nick Hornby revisits the era and importance of the compilation cassette. The film unlike the book is set in America and stars John Cusack. The synopsis : Early-thirtysomething Rob Gordon (Cusack) is a slacker who owns a vintage record shop, a massive collection of LPs, and innumerable top-five lists in his head.

St George's Market, Belfast

At the opening of the film, Rob recounts directly to the audience his all-time top-five “breakups” which doesn’t include his recent falling out with his girlfriend Laura (Iben Hjejle), who has just moved out of their apartment. Thunderstruck and obsessed with Laura’s desertion (but loath to admit it), Rob begins a quest to confront the women who instigated the aforementioned top-five breakups to find out just what he did wrong.

The mix of direct audience communication and humorous flashbacks really make High Fidelity a great watch. My highlights are “Kevin Bannister” (you have to see it, as I won’t give too much away). The film is smart features a cameo by Bruce Springsteen and has enough music trivia to keep most music fans happy. Tim Robbins character will raise a smile, (I mention him simply so I can name drop and mention I’ve met him too) and Jack Black is on top floor as an assistant in the record store.

If you like music and have reached the dizzy age of 30 I’d say it really should be on your Love Film rental list at the very very least. If you have seen it please post what you thought, I know some people didn’t like but it is certainly on my top ten films of all time list.

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  1. Sounds like a good day.

    I’m a fan of Nick Hornby’s book more than the film (I was told to read it by one Grace Bill – she insisted it was about me – she was sadly right), but it’s definitely a movie you can put on at any time and it’ll cheer you up.

  2. The big question about the film is how did they move a story set in London to USA and get it so right?
    Down to Cusack I think, who is excellent in the lead role.
    A rare film that appeals to the music obsessive (me) and my wife who loves music but strangely doesn’t think it’s a matter of live and death.
    Made me think about re-organising my collection (see the film)- definitely in my all time list of must see films…

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