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The best camera is the one you have with you

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1 min read

Running in the forests and mountains of County Down with a camera is quite a challenge. I carry a phone for reassurance should something go dreadfully wrong, the plus side though is that I can engage in some iPhone photography.

The iPhone 11 and 12 Pro offers three different lenses but I rarely stray further than the default 1x. Apple display some phenomenal images and films at launch events however the quality is often difficult to replicate.

Tollymore forest

My iPhone photography technique is simple. 1. Tap the screen on your point of focus and 2. drag the exposure down one stop (or possibly two). I know there are apps that allow manual control but I find a simple technique is quick to employ while running.

iPhone Photography

All of the forest images were processed with either the VSCO app or Lightroom Mobile. There was very little editing involved thanks to good light on the visits. The default aspect ratio isn’t what I would like but this can be adjusted in Lightroom CC later.

iPhone photography isn’t without its challenges. When you capture an image using the default app Lightroom can automatically import into Creative Cloud.

Once edited though exporting back into the iPhone library can create duplication, I maybe missing an option to replace the original. I always fear I could end up with a bank of smart previews and accidentally delete the original images.

I have a casual approach to iPhone photography but there are times the quality of the image surprises. In reality, Tollymore Forest in County Down offers a lot to any camera.

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