Slieve Croob

Winter on Slieve Croob, County Down

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Slieve Croob (or Sliabh Crúb) is situated just outside the County Down town of Dromara. It is a 4Km walk (with 150m elevation gain) to the radio towers at the top and back gain to the car park. The path is in good condition making it reasonably family friendly.

We have made three trips to Slieve Croob over the last few months mostly to enjoy making our way down on a snow sledge. It is brilliant!

The Mournes from Slieve Croob

I have been packing the Fujifilm X100T camera and Lee Seven5 filter system on our recent trips and we always head up the summit late in the afternoon so we can enjoy the winter sunset. The views are stunning, I love the panorama setting the Fujifilm range, simply pan across the landscape and the camera stitches together a series of images to create a final JPG. Here are two panorama images from Slieve Croob captured on the X100T.

Slieve Croob Panorama

Click on either image to view full screen, the images were captured on two different days, thus the difference in tone.

Slieve Croob Panorama

With a group of small kids we can still get up and down Slieve Croob in an hour and a half. There are a series of radio towers at the top but the view of the Mournes is breath taking (see above). The photographs really don’t do the view justice, it is hard to take in the scale of the Mourne mountains from this vantage point.

Slieve Croob Radio Towers

I keep the Lee graduated (ND6 soft) filter on the camera by default as it allows me to retain the detail of the clouds. I also under expose the images by one stop and increase the exposure in Lightroom where necessary.

Slieve Croob is particularly stunning with covered in snow. Visiting the hills between 3pm and 5pm (winter’s golden hour) carpets the landscape in golden light. The journey down involves frequent stops to take in the sun setting behind the mountains. There is a full set of Slieve Croob images over in the Slieve Croob flickr set.


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