Runaway GO ‘Alive’ Fiona O’Kane & Dave Jackson

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RUNAWAY[GO] released their stunning debut album, ‘ALIVE’, back in November 2015 and last night saw the Belfast duo formally mark the release with the official launch gig. Runaway Go features the dual vocal talents of Dave Jackson and Fiona O’Kane who seamlessly bridge the gap between indie and pop with their anthemic pop melodies, vocal range and harmonies.

The support slot for the launch party was capably filled by ‘Jealous of the Birds’, whose remarkable voice resonated over a single acoustic guitar. See links at the bottom of the page.

Jealous of Birds

Runaway[Go] are amongst the talented group of musician who frequent Millbank Studios and are produced by the creative genius of Michael Mormecha. It is quite a map of interlinked members that can connect Runaway[Go] to Mojo Fury to Rams’ Pocket Radio, Malojian , Kyle John Suckling and Loris. Millbank is the central hub of a network of talent that brings much of Northern Ireland’s musical talent together.


This was my first time shooting a gig with the Fujifilm X-Pro2, a sincerely refreshing experience that made shooting music exciting again. I now have the final production firmware on this pre-production camera body and I have to say it is particularly impressive.

I was shooting uncompressed RAW and started the gig on burst mode but moved to single shot as performance is amazing with the X-Pro2 camera being ready remarkably quickly between shots. This camera performs and delivers amazingly accurate metering and colour rendition. Back in Lightroom I imported almost 400 RAW images captured over two cards with the majority of rejected images being down to composition rather than focus or colour. Why 400? well I was enjoying the process and loved the fact I was able to get a RAW image converted on camera and out on to instagram during the show.

Runaway[GO] Gallery

Click to view larger.

I don’t normally post so many photos but I have uploaded 60 Runway[Go] images to the FlixelPix Facebook Page.

X-Pro2 ACROS Film Simulation

There was very little image editing or correction to be made to on the images and any editing involved the fact I can still apply Fujifilm X-Pro2 film simulation within Adobe Lightroom to the RAW files. See below for a sample ACROS – G file (I increased the blacks by 10).

Runaway Go X-Pro2 ACROS

Runaway Go

Runaway Go’s debut album ‘Alive’ features nine cleverly crafted tracks and melodic pop anthems certain to have you singing along from the beginning. It is genuinely a fantastic album and the band offer a remarkable live performance, buy the album and if you get the chance, Runaway Go are definitely worth seeing live.


Jealous of the Birds
Fujifilm X-Pro2 First Impressions


David is a documentary and landscape photographer covering everything from dramatic long exposure landscape photography through to live music. David is a former Official Fujifilm X Photographer.

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