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One of the biggest frustrations when hiking as a family is deciding what ‘stuff’ to bring with you and more importantly how it is going to be carried. Fortunately the Matador Freerain24 is a ingenious solution to an age old problem. The waterproof roll top bag is ultralight weight with a massive 24 litre capacity and better still it folds down into a tiny little pouch.

We try to head out into the mountains with just a single daypack  but frequently it is additional clothing layers that cause the carry challenge. For example, on a recent hike to the top of a local mountain we had coats coming on and off as the temperature changed and even though it was a warm spring day there was still snow above 600m. Carrying the little Matador Freerain24 in the side pouch of our main daypack meant we could easily pack store all the coats during warm sections without issue.

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The Matador is basically a backpack that you can carry in the side pocket of your rucksack that folds down to around the size of a wallet (see top image) it is a brilliant idea executed to create a fantastic little travel bag with dozens of applications.

The Matador bag weighs just 5.5 oz and is amazing comfortable to carry, the straps are breathable and the material is remarkable strong given how light it is. As well as the 24 litre waterproof compartment the bag comes with two side pockets and an non-waterproof pocket for smaller items such as energy bars (the essentials).

With the ability to hold up to 24 litres the bag is perfect for days out, camping, hiking and air travel where hand luggage is limited.

Packing the Matador Freerain24

We have all seen then great products that fold to literally nothing that are excellent until the point when you use it and try and re-pack it back to a minute size. The Matador pack arrived in it’s stunning tiny form and I have to confess I doubted I would be able to repack it to the compact size after unpacking. It is actually effortless, the Matador material is strong, light and thin making repacking remarkably easy and on my first attempt I packed the bag as it arrived in a few seconds. I should also note that the little carry bag for storing the Matador Freerain24 is attached to the main bag so it won’t be easily lost.

The Ultimate Traveller’s bag

If you want storage combined with portability and convenience then the Matador Freerain24 offers a fantastic solution with a bag large enough to take outer layers yet small enough to fit in a pocket. There are no compromises with this little bag, it is remarkably comfortable with the whole family able to take a turn at carrying it in the mountains.

Although we were very much focused on the outdoors the Matador Freerain24 is perfect for all traveling situations, the ultimate hand luggage bag when flying or shopping bag during a city break. The Matador Freerain24 proves the best ideas are the simplest.


Matador Freerain24


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