Rend Collective Belfast

Rend Collective Belfast

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Rend Collective kicked off their “Art of Celebration Tour” in Ireland playing Dublin then on to two sold out nights in Belfast’s Mandela Hall. The Bangor born band were supported by US based ‘Tenth Avenue North‘ for a very special evening of celebration. Formerly known as the Rend Collective Experiment the band is a sonic delight with a focus firmly on worship.

Growing up with the likes of Two Door Cinema Club there is a diverse musical talent that creates the unique folk rock worship sound Rend Collective are known and respected for.

Rend Collective Mandela Hall

Rend Collective is said to involve around fifteen people but with a core 6 members taking part in touring, a collective in the real sense of the word the group support each other musically and spiritually. The Art of Celebration Tour marks the release of the bands fourth album of the same name which was released in March 2014.

Chris Llewellyn Rend Collective

The band’s first two releases on Kingsway records were a success that paved the way to the “Art of Celebration” released on Integrity records that is currently sailing high on both the UK and US charts.

Rend Collective are a delicate balance of worship and performance that brings a new energy to worship music. Both performances in Belfast’s Mandela Hall were completely sold out and I think the audience were as exhausted by the end of the night as the band. These are interactive events where the audience and performers come together in the art of celebration. Or to put in their own words…..

Rend Collective is an eclectic collective of multi-instrumentalists from the North of Ireland. An inherent desire for something spiritually substantive in our increasingly artificial world is exactly what brought the movement of friends together. United by a common purpose, these twenty-somethings began exploring the intersection between God, life and community.

Rend Collective

Rend Collective are refining the ‘Art of Celebration’ to fine purity that leaves the audience on a high that lasts for many days. A night of instrument swapping and the creation of a sonic mix of acoustic and electric instruments forming a breathtaking sound.

Rend Collective’s recorded collection is unquestioningly amazing but the collective take the songs to a whole new level when performed live with the support of a few thousand contributing voices from the audience.

Rend Collective Gallery

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Compassion International

Like Tenth Avenue North the band partner with the charity Compassion International and also sponsor children as a band. Patrick Thompson offered a sincere shout for the charity and hundreds of Compassion International sponsor forms were distributed amongst the thousand strong audience with the hope that others wil be rescued from poverty.

If you get the chance to see Rend Collective or Tenth Avenue North live then I would very much encourage you to take the opportunity. A group of highly gifted musicians and songwriters who are genuinely humble and sincere giving the credit to who they celebrate.


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