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I had the very fortunate opportunity to capture a video interview and photograph Rams’ Pocket Radio (Peter McCauley) just before the performed to a packed Odyssey Arena. Rams’ Pocket Radio appeared as the support act to Northern Ireland’s own Snow Patrol. Even in the difficult opening slot Rams’ gripped the attention of the waiting audience.

Peter McCauley is a drummer, pianist and songwriter who has a simple philosophy, “Unfettered personal expression is the impetus of the project and with the works of the 1950’s product designer, Dieter Rams, in mind – purity, simplicity and longevity are the first concerns”. Talent abounds with Rams’ who also performs with the equally stunning Shauna Tohill / Silhouette.

Peter has all the qualities disserving of recognition. He has talent in abundance yet with it comes equal amounts of humility and a genuine passion for music.

If you haven’t heard Rams’ Pocket Radion then your first stop has to be the Rams’ Pocket Radio MySpace page check out the homage to designer Dieter Rams (track2). The video interview recorded before the show was a little focus piece to celebrate Peter’s success as a former student and thanks to a rather phenomenal management team we quickly sorted the necessary paperwork and passes.

This was the first time I have shot video on the Canon 5DMKII. Acutely aware of the fragility of the arrangement and the tightness of time I travelled light leaving behind tripods and separate audio recorders.

It was at this point I realised the 5D MKII not only shoots in high definition but is able to find faces in a frame and hold focus throughout the recording.

Using the 24-70mm set at 2.8 and the face finding the final outcome was remarkably steady, the video is sharp but even more surprisingly the audio was also crystal clear.

The same set up was used for the still images to go along side the video article. I decided not to use the same card for stills as video so switched to a slightly slower CF card. As I had access to the stage the 24-70 was ideal but I still fell into the trap of focusing my eye on the artist and completely missing the microphones and instruments in the foreground. All learning.

Snow Patrol gigs are well known for being special but I think Rams’ Pocket Radio made it extra special. Check out a small number of additional photos here.

Rams’ Pocket Radio

Rams’ Pocket Radio MySpace

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