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Rams’ Pocket Radio at The Strand

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“Shadow, Shadow, Shadow” is commonly sung in our house. The Rams’ Pocket Radio song “Shadows” is often customised to suit particularly situations with one seven year old’s favourite response to his sister generally being “shut up, shut up, shut up” to the same tune. A family of Rams’ Pocket Radio fans but the Strand Arts Centre event was the first live performance for all generations.

Set in the stunning former Stand Cinema the velvet red chairs created an exceptionally comfortable environment for a music event. This gig, for all ages was a much more acoustic affair than the normal Rams’ gig, a piano, violin, cello and percussion still managed to fill the auditorium with a remarkably strong sound.

Rams' Pocket Radio

Peter shared the stage with two upcoming artists from Northern Ireland, Hannah McPhillimy and Alana Henderson, unique in their style but sharing a common level of talent and ability.

Hannah McPhillimy

Hannah McPhillimy

Hannah McPhillimy is a singer, songwriter who blends jazz and blues with her love of modern songwriters like Feist, Bright Eyes and Nickel Creek.

Hailing from Ireland’s rugged northern coastline, Hannah combines gently powerful vocals with stirring acoustic melodies, reverberating handclaps, and copious cups of tea.

Alana Henderson

Alana Henderson’s esoteric sound fuses elements of folk, classical, blues and pop influences – combining lyrics of great poetic depth with thoughtfulness, clarity and an inventive string and vocal combination.

Alana Henderson

The Gallery

I have posted a few additional photos on the FlixelPix Facebook Page and in a dedicated Flickr Set for the Strand Arts Centre event.

Peter McCauley

The Strand gig sees Peter taking some time to focus on writing new material. The last few years have been eventful for Rams’ Pocket Radio, from touring with Snow Patrol, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, Foy Vance, and Darwin Deez he has also supported Matchbox Twenty, Marina and the Diamonds and The Lemonheads.


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Rams’ Pocket Radio
Alana Henderson
Hannah McPhillimy


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