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A Photographic Review of 2014

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Over the last few years I have spent the days between Christmas and New Year  putting together a little retrospective view of the 12 months that preceded.  2014 was a slightly different year for photographically speaking, normally I would watch the most popular images on flickr change on a monthly and even weekly basis. In 2014  I captured a series of image in the first few weeks of January that retained their place in the top 3-4 photos of the year.

It comes as no surprised that these photos were captured in the Mournes and interestingly this area of outstanding beauty in Northern Ireland’s County Down dominates the review of 2014.

St John’s Point Lighthouse

St John’s Point Lighthouse at night manages to take the number one spot of 2014. Please note you can click an image to view it large on flickr and all statistics quoted are based on flickr popularity. I do have to say this isn’t my favourite photo of 2014 by any means and to be honest I am not sure why it retained its popularity over the full twelve month period.

St John's Point Lighthouse at Night

Harland and Wolff – The Blackford Dolphin

Another nighttime image captured with the Fujifilm X-E2 camera was a photo of the stunning Blackford Dolphin that visited Belfast for an extensive refit. The oil rig lit up the docks area of the city to such a level it was referred to as the Belfast Christmas Tree.

Blackford Dolphin, Harland and Wolff

Fujfilm X-T1

This is the first photo I captured with my Fujifilm X-T1 camera, a little long exposure photograph of the Craigavon lakes. I also had a look at the wifi function offered on the latest Fujifilm cameras.

Silent Valley

Silent Valley in the heart of the Mourn Mountains offers a remarkable view of the peaks and a long walk around to the dam-head. This image was captured using the long exposure photography technique  using the Fujifilm  X-T1 camera.

X-T1 Long Exposure, straight from camera.

Silent Valley, The Mournes

New Year’s Day

Each year we embark on an early morning challenge to  climb donard mountain before sunrise. This image was captured with the X100S on the way down at around 10am.

Dunluce Castle

Another long exposure photograph this time of County Antrim at the foot of Dunluce Castle. This image was captured with the Fujifilm X-T1 and 14mm lens.

Starry Night : Mournes

This has to be my favourite photography of 2014. An October evening at around 9pm we drove into the Mournes. It was completely dark, completely silent and the heavens were a stunning view as our eyes adjusted to the light. This image was featured by flickr a few days later. The image was captured on the X-E2 and 14mm lens. You can see more photos from this visit to the Mournes here.

Dunluce Castle

The mournes at night

Rams’ Pocket Radio video shoot

In February I headed, yet again into the Mournes, this time to document the creation of a music video for Ram’s Pocket Radio. I packed my trusty Fujifilm X100s. It was a remarkable day, shortly after this image was captured the clouds descended making visibility almost impossible.

Peter McCauley

Reflective Photography

It is always worth reflecting on process and progress. I decided this year to look a little at reflections and consider how often they are right in front of us yet we don’t see them. This was the first in a series of reflection focused photographs.

James Lyttle Mojo Fury

James Lyttle : Mojo Fury

This portrait was captured with the Fujifilm X-T1 and the absolutely stunning Fujinon 56mm f/1.2 lens. I love this lens, it is the perfect lens for capturing people. James Lyttle is co-owner of Millbank studios and is a member of Mojo Fury one of the best alternative bands to herald from Northern Ireland. One of my favourite bands, Mojo Fury feature quite predominantly on the review of 2014.

Fujinon 56mm

Although primarily a portrait lens the 56mm produces breathtaking bokeh and I ended up treating it like a documentary lens when it first arrived. I love this lens, it is fast, sharp and  it is perfect for shallow depth of field photography. You can read my review of the Fujifilm 56mm lens here.

Fujifilm 56mm Fujinon

The Crew

Another image from the Rams’ Pocket Radio shoot. As you can see the clouds began to bring a rather dramatic effect that enhanced the final look of the music video. View the final video here.

Rams' Pocket Radio

Tyrella at Night

Another long exposure image of the Tyrella landscape. The glow of the town of Newcastle illuminating the base of the Mourne Mountains. This image was captured on the same weekend of the St John’s Point photo (first image).

Fujfilm 18-135mm Review

I was sent a pre-production version of the Fujifilm 18-135mm lens. Fujifilm’s first weather sealed lens is genuinely something very special. A massive focal length range makes it ideal for literally anything and the fact it is weather sealed means it is perfect out on winter hikes (or everyday shooting in Northern Ireland). The technology behind the zoom lens is remarkable you can read more about it in the review.

Hare's Gap

Beth Rowley

I captured this image at a Duke Special event in February. I had to deal with the worst deluge of red light I have ever seen at a gig. The result was the creation of a lightroom preset that attempts to neutralise the red light and replace the skin tones. See the Lightroom Preset Section.

Beth Rowley

The Road to the Mournes

The road across Dundrum Bay in County Down, a popular spot for walkers offering breath-taking views of the surrounding coast line.

astrophotography in the mourners

New Year’s Day Fog

Another image from the hike to the top of Donard on new year’s day. The 6am start meant we were able to watch the run rise on a new year over the Mourne skyline. You can read the full article on the Donard climb here. This image was captured with the X100S.

The Mourne Wall, County Down, mist

Tyrella Beach

Sunset on Tyrella beach, early January 2014. Captured with the Fujifilm X-E2. This image was used by Discover NI for their Valentine’s Day promotion.

Tyrella Beach


I had the opportunity to shoot some stills on a film directed by one of my former students. ‘Grace’ by Jack Walsh was shot at Castlewellan Castle on one of the wettest days in August. It was so wet even my waterproofs failed to hold out the water but it was great to see Jack putting his creative talent to work.  You can read more about the film here : Grace a film by Jack Walsh.

Film - Grace

Mojo Fury

Shot at Mojo Fury’s 1o year birthday it features front man Michael Mormecha. The image was converted on black and white in post production. You can read more here : Mojo Fury 10th Birthday.

Michael Mormecha

Nature’s Barcode

Captured with the Fujifilm X100s in the Mourne, County Down. The image was captured with the Fujifilm X100s and processed in Lightroom.

The Mournes

Conker Collecting in Autumn

I do this shot every year. Conkers in focus, rich bokeh background and the application of my vintage autumn lightroom preset. Perhaps I should give this shot a miss in 2015.

Autumn Fresh - Free Lightroom Preset

Donard Forest

Another image captured with the brilliant X100s camera. The compact size and small weight of the X100S means it is easy to take literally anywhere. This image was again captured on new year’s day and managed to spend twelve months in the top 100 list.

Tyrella walk

The Blue Lough Walk

There is a brilliant walk on the Annalong side of the Mournes to an area of water known as the ‘blue lough’ this image was captured as we embarked on our first visit to the lough. It was a great day weather wise and the views up to the lough were breath taking. You can read more about the blue lough here.

Blue Lough Walk

Fujifilm 56mm

Another portrait shot using the Fujifilm 56mm lens. This image was converted to mono using Lightroom, it is such a brilliant lens for people photography.

Omagh Folk Park


I love this view of the city of Lisburn. I have shot it a few times but really wanted to capture it with the new Fujinon 18-135mm lens. Converted to mono in Lightroom. The view is from the R-Space gallery on Lisburn’s Castle Street.

Fujifilm 18-135mm

Mojo Fury : Limelight

Another Mojo Fury image made the top 100 on flickr for 2014. This image was captured at their tenth birthday in the Limelight, Belfast. You can see more coverage of the 10th Birthday here.

Michael Mormecha

Road through the Mournes

Another long exposure night image captured in October I decided to use the car trails to bring a bit of interest to the foreground. You can learn how to capture long exposure photographs here.

Mournes at night

Hare’s Gap

One of my favourite features of the Fujifilm cameras is their ability to capture stitched panorama images. This image of Hare’s Gap was captured on the X100S camera during a September hike.

Hare's Gap

Alana Henderson

Alana Henderson performing with Rams’ Pocket Radio in the Strand Cinema, Belfast.

Alana Henderson

The Duke of York, Belfast

A buzzing area of Belfast at night, at the heart of the Cathedral quarter likes the brilliant Duke of York. This is actually the quietest I have seen the lane but it was early on a Saturday evening.

Duke of York, Belfast, XF 18-135mm

Toshinobu Takamitsu

Toshinobu from Japan created a quite remarkable installation in Lisburn’s R-Space Gallery. You can read more about Toshinobu Takamitus here.

Toshinobu Takamitsu

The Trees

I have no idea how this image managed to reach the top 100 on flickr, perhaps it is nature’s convergence but it managed to grab the attention of a number of fellow photographers.

Trees fujifilm 27mm review

Donard Climb

Another climb to the top of Slieve Donard this time for a local charity.  The wind brought waves of cloud, from nil to perfect visibility in minutes. The trusty X100S documented the journey and the views from the top were breathtaking. A much more leisurely pace it was quite a day out.

Climbing Donard


Guitar legend Orianthi also made the top 100 images. Captured in Belfast’s Ulster Hall Orianthi was performing with the rock legend Richie Sambora. Orianthi and Richie enjoyed their stay in Belfast and even embarked on a tour of the different Belfast musical instrument outlets.

Richie Sambora and Orianthi

Brutis Fury

Bass player in Mojo Fury this is another image from the series of monos on Tyrella beach. This image was again captured with the X-T1 and 56mm lens. It is great to see the Mojo Fury images reach the top 100 given they were only captured at the end of October.

Ciaran McGreevy Mojo Fury

Midge Ure

Midge performed an ‘in the round’ event as part of the Nashville Songwriter festival in the Belfast. Midge appeared with Peter McVeigh and Shauna Tohill.

Midge Ure


The annual trip to Donegal wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Poison Glenn. This is an image of the famous Dunlewey Church.

Kyle John Suckling

My good friend Kyle John Suckling performing around the fire during an Easter get-together. This image was captured with the 56mm.

Kyle John Suckling

Jump – Tyrella

Another Tyrella beach image, it is hard not to capture a great image in the golden hour on this beach.

Celebrating The Mournes

Michael Mormecha

Michael Mormecha is the frontman to the brilliant Mojo Fury. This portrait was captured with the X-T1 and 56mm lens on a cold and wet Tyrella beach during October.

Michael Mormecha. Mojo Fury

Mojo Fury on Tyrella

Another Mojo Fury shot but this time of the band. A morning on Tyrella beach with Mojo Fury with the Fujifilm 56mm and 14mm lenses and X100S.

Mojo Fury

Tyrella Evening

One of my favourite visits to Tyrella. An autumn evening as the sun began to fall behind the Mourne mountains. Captured on the X100S the sense of space of freedom was amazing.  This image is quite a contrast from the day before capturing Mojo Fury. Read More : Tyrella Beach.

tyrella beach

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2015 will see a very different approach to photography, I will not only be trying out a few new processes but I will also be working with some local artists to make the 2015 very different. I am looking forward to starting the year with my favourite camera the Fujifilm X100T (see the Fujifilm X100T Review here). 2015 will be about colour, the black and white images will still appear but there will be a much reduced offering with the aim of increasing the amount of colour on the site.

2015 is bound to see some new Fujifilm technology and offerings, is there anything you want to see coming this year?


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