An Olympic Challenge

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Olympic Silver Medalist Peter Chambers took on a unique challenge in Belfast’s Victoria Square on Monday 30th of December.

Supported by the Ards Voice Choir, Peter and Bishop Harold Miller started their challenge at the base of the Victoria Square complex with Peter carrying twenty litres of water to the top of Belfast’s premier shopping complex.

Ards Choir at Tearfund Olympic Event

It was a spectacular challenge and sobering to realise the 45 meter climb is only a fraction of the height and distance Ugandan teenagers have to climb to get water everyday.

Peter Chambers, Olympic Silver Medallist

I was personally amazed at the speed in which Peter was able to make it up the numerous spiralling staircases to each the top of the Victoria Square dome. The image above shows how little the 45 metre climb took out of Peter as he reached the top.

Tearfund One Big Mountain

Onlookers were equally amazed at the speed Peter climbed the Victoria Square complex. Bishop Harold Miller in contrast took a slightly different approach using a slightly smaller vessel and the lift to make it to the top.

When challenged he said “we all need a lift in life at some point and for girls such as Doreen and Jouvlett life is often unfair, but we can all make a real difference to the mountains they face by supporting this campaign which will bring clean water to thousands of families across Africa.”

Bishop Harold Miller

Peter Chambers

Peter was part of the Great Britain rowing team who clinched Silver medals (just a second behind Gold) in the 2012 London Olympics. The aim of the event is to highlighting the journey taken by Ugandan teenagers who carry water up a mountain every day to ensure their family can survive. Both Peter and his brother Richard travelled to Uganda with Tearfund and saw first hand the plight of Doreen and Jouvllet.

Tearfund is leading a campaign to bring clean water to thousands of families across Africa. It costs just £7 to help provide clean water for one person and the “One Big Mountain” campaign aims to bring clean water to more than 20,000 people.

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“One Big Mountain” was launched with a generous donation from the Henderson Group of £150,000. Between September and Christmas the group donated 5p for every 2 litres of milk sold in Spar, Eurospar, Vivo and Vivoxtra across Northern Ireland.

Tim Magowan, Tearfund

Tim Magowan

Tim Magowan who is the Northern Ireland Director of Tearfund sums up the importance of the project perfectly, “This project will impact the lives of real individuals, families and whole communities. Take for example Beatrice, who I met recently in Uganda.

Her daughters would have to travel by foot up to 4 hours a day to collect clean water. Since receiving a domestic water tank, her children now have the time to attend school and avoid the long and vulnerable journey to collect water each day. Through training, Beatrice has learnt how to install water tanks for others which has helped her earn money and increase her ability to feed her family”.

Peter Chambers BBC interview

Today’s event was support by well over one hundred well wishers and there was also fantastic media support from the local newspapers, television and radio news.

To support the event please use the links below.


Tearfund Northern Ireland
Tearfund Northern Ireland Facebook
One Big Mountain


David is a documentary and landscape photographer covering everything from dramatic long exposure landscape photography through to live music. David is a former Official Fujifilm X Photographer.


  1. Main camera was X-E2 and 23mm lens but had a Canon with long lens for when I wasn’t near the action. The X-E2 and 23mm were amazing and coped with very varied lighting. I was really impressed at the quality and it is so light in comparison. Detail is brilliant.

  2. Man! yeah the quality is stellar. I just sold my X100 and I’m deciding between that lens or the x100s.

  3. I did. Great write-up. Which more than seals the deal for me. however I fear that with the purchase of the X100s my use of my XP1 would diminish save for portrait/work use.

    Decisions Decisions, LOL.

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