Nik Kershaw in Belfast
Nik Kershaw performing in Belfast.

Nik Kershaw : A Riddle in Belfast

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I have been a fan of Nik Kershaw since (he won’t like this) I was in Primary Seven. The Riddle was one of the first LP albums I bought and I spent hours listening to the songs with a single ambition of cracking the meaning of the Riddle. The record company offered a very large and attractive prize to the first person to understand the meaning.

Nearly 30 years later that prize is still up for grabs with the slight issue that the Olympics you could have won tickets to attend is now history. Like all good record company marketing I was able to confirm even Nik doesn’t know what the song is about.

Nik Kershaw is a seasoned performer, master song writer and stunning guitarist. Nik was the soundtrack of the lives of those who grew up in the 1980s. I mentioned to a friend I was going and the reply was “Wild horses wouldn’t drag me there”. A confession at the very least.

Nik treated the audience with performances from his vast career with the Belfast crowd responding to ‘The Riddle’ and ‘Wouldn’t it be Good’. Performing keyboard driven ballads on a single Avalon acoustic is quite a challenge but the audience response said it all.

I am strong believer that attitude plays a massive roll in the success of any artist and Nik is one of those genuinely decent musicians who is testament for that concept. Nik’s Avalon invoked a strong feeling that I would like to be in his shoes, even if it was for just one day. Support for the event was by local and emerging artist Katherine Philippa.

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