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Mojo Fury 10th Birthday

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Mojo Fury celebrated their tenth year of performing as a band by throwing a birthday part in Belfast’s famous Limelight venue. A loyal crowd of followers and fans packed out the Belfast venue and were treated to a breathtaking performance of tracks from the Mojo Fury back catalogue.

Fresh from a tour of Germany the band were supported by ‘Two Glass Eyes’ and ‘The Emerald Armada’. Mojo Fury delivered a party to remember and ‘We should just run away’ created an energetic reaction from an already enthused home audience. (Check out the official video by Darren Lee).

Emerald Armada

[Emerald Armada performing at the Limelight].

Mojo Fury have a solid catalogue of high energy tracks that are often varied and never boring. It amazes me at how accurate Mojo Fury’s live performances are to the recorded tracks, my personal favourite being “Safe in the arms of the sound”. It is impossible to stand still at a Mojo Fury gig the sound penetrates the foundation of the building, raucous yet equally melodic.

Mojo Fury Limelight

The Mojo Fury catalogue from 2004 include :

Mojo Fury EP (September, 2004)
Untitled EP (February, 2006)
Visiting Hours… EP (May, 2007)

Studio albums
Visiting Hours of a Traveling Circus – released 9 May 2011.
The Difference Between – released September 2013

Mojo Fury features, Michael Mormecha, James Lyttle, Ciaran McGreevy and Andrew Kearton. Previous members also include Peter McCauley (Rams’ Pocket Radio).

Michael Mormecha

I was shooting with both the Canon 5D / 50mm lens and the Fujifilm X-T1 with the brilliant little 27mm pancake lens. Music photography is the area for which I retain a DSLR.

The day of the DSLR may just be numbered as the X-T1 with the 27mm really amazed and you will note even from the flickr my preferred camera on the night. The 27mm is definitely the overlooked lens in the Fujinon range and I found it a solid performer at f/2.8 shooting JPG rather than RAW as I wait for Lightroom support for the X-T1 RAW files. The optical viewfinder on the X-T1 is a joy to use and the form factor is perfect for music photography in tight venues without a pit.

The Mojo Fury 10th birthday party was a brilliant night and band remains firmly on my favourite list, one of the tightest live performers I have come across. It is clear each member is a musical talent and the songwriting is king. If you get a chance to see Mojo Fury live, take it. Talent combined with sincerity has created a loyal following within which are a number of celebrated local musicians!

Mojo Fury Gallery

Mojo Fury are based in the same city as Rams’ Pocket Radio and Kyle John Suckling and their studio is located less than a mile from the former home of Def Leppard guitar legend Vivian Campbell. A city not necessarily know for a music legacy yet has produced some serious talent.

Michael Mormecha. Mojo Fury

When it comes to progressive indy music it doesn’t get much better than Mojo Fury. Their recorded Eps and albums are brilliant but Mojo Fury offer an extra special live performance and the 10th birthday bash was testament to the success of the last ten years and a taste of what is to come.


Mojo Fury The Difference Between
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David is a documentary and landscape photographer covering everything from dramatic long exposure landscape photography through to live music. David is a former Official Fujifilm X Photographer.

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